Infinix Hot 9 Pro, Lenovo K11 Power, and ZTE Blade V 2020 Spotted on Android Enterprise, Key Specifications Revealed


The Coronavirus pandemic has had an adverse effect on the smartphone industry. People who had plans to buy a phone have canceled their purchases due to the cash crunch. And the ones who still want to buy one can’t purchase a mobile as neither the e-commerce websites are selling any devices nor there are any local shops open from where you could make the purchase.

Due to the low sales number, smartphone manufacturers aren’t developing or launching as many devices as they used to in the past. And it is evident by the lesser number of leaks and smartphone certifications that we’ve been observing recently.

That being said, there are still a few new smartphones under the pipeline. And today, we have spotted three such devices on the Android Enterprise certification platform, the Infinix Hot 9 Pro, Lenovo K11 Power, and the ZTE Blade V 2020. None of these smartphones have leaked in the past and this is the first time we’ve been hearing about them. Let us check out their details

Infinix Hot 9 Pro Spotted on Android Enterprise

Infinix HOT 9 Pro spotted on Android Enterprise

If you are familiar with the Infinix brand, you might know that the Hot series is one of their popular line up of smartphone. In March 2019, the brand launched the Hot 7 and the Hot 7 Pro. And back in September, we got to see the Hot 8. While there is still no news on the pro-version of the Hot 8, we have now spotted a new device in the line up on Android Enterprise, the Hot 9 Pro. Going by the naming convention, it looks like the Hot 9 Pro will be a direct successor to the Hot 7 Pro.

The listing of the Hot 9 Pro on Android Enterprise reveals that the smartphone has a 6.6-inch display, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, Android 10 operating system, and a fingerprint scanner. There is also an image of the device in the listing we have come across. And it shows that the Hot 8 will have a punch-hole display. While the listing of the smartphone on Android Enterprise suggests that its development is complete and that the device is ready for the limelight, it isn’t going to launch anytime soon due to the lockdown situation in the country.

Lenovo K11 Power Spotted on Android Enterprise

Lenovo K11 Power spotted on Android Enterprise

Lenovo was a major player in the budget smartphone segment a few years ago. And back then, K-series was its most popular line up of smartphones. After taking an extensive break from the budget smartphone segment, Lenovo re-entered the market last year with the launch of a new K-series line up, the K10. The K10 line up has two devices, the K10, and the K10 Plus. While these two smartphones are still new, Android Enterprise reveals that the brand is working on next-generation K-series line up, the K11, as we have now come across a listing of the Lenovo K11 Power on the certification platform.

Going by its listing, the Lenovo K11 Power has a 6.5-inch display, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, Android 9 Pie operating system, and fingerprint support. All these specs reflect that this an extremely affordable smartphone. The image of the device in listing suggests the name, as it shows that the K11 Power has a thick bezel around the screen, something we have come to see in entry-level smartphones. So, expect the K11 Power to be priced around INR 6,999. However, at that price, Redmi offers 8A and Realme offers the C3, both of which beat the K11 Power by a huge margin. Well, let us hold on to our speculations until we come to know more about the device.

ZTE Blade V 2020 Spotted on Android Enterprise

ZTE Blade V 2020 spotted on Android Enterprise

We know ZTE for its Nubia sub-branded smartphones, namely, the Red Magic 3, Red Magic 3S, and the Red Magic 5G. And recent leaks suggest that ZTE is working on a new smartphone called the Nubia Play. Although, it looks like the Nubia Play isn’t the only device under pipeline from the brand. We have now come across a listing of a new ZTE smartphone, dubbed the Blade V 2020, on Android Enterprise.

According to its listing, the ZTE Blade V 2020 has a 6.5-inch display, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, Android 10 OS, and a fingerprint scanner. The image of the device in the listing reveals that it has a punch-hole display. The specs and the design of the device suggest that it a lower mid-range smartphone. Although, we can’t say anything for sure at the moment. Hopefully, we will come to more about the device as its launch nears.