Insider Claims Rockstar Games Could be Announcing a New Project Very Soon

From GTA to L.A. Noire, Rockstar is sitting on a lot of great IP at the moment.


French journalist Chris Klippel recently tweeted out claims that Rockstar Games might be prepping to announce a “new project” relatively soon. As to what project this could be is anyone’s guess but it has been a while since the gaming community has heard from the publisher since having announced the next GTA title earlier this year.

Klippel has had a strong track record of breaking news from the Rockstar Games camp ahead of official announcements and such, which lends credibility to his claim. There are several rumors floating about on the internet regarding the publisher such as remasters of Red Dead Redemption and its sequel but there has been no official word.

Rockstar is practically sitting on a treasure trove of IP at the moment and given the kind of track record of massive success they’ve had in the past – a new project from the publisher is extremely exciting.

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A New Project Announcement Could be Coming Soon for Rockstar Games

The Summer Game Fest is just right around the corner and Keighley has revealed about 30 partners confirmed for the event. While the current lineup does not include Rockstar Games, Keighley has also mentioned more partners will be announced soon.

There is a good chance that Rockstar Games may be a surprise addition to the lineup and show up to Summer Game Fest with their new project announcement. Klippel claims that the new announcement is likely to come relatively soon and the Summer Game Fest seems like as good a place for game announcements as any.

The month of June is already shaping up to be a pretty exciting time for gamers as Xbox and Bethesda are prepping to bring out the big guns as part of the Summer Game Fest. PlayStation also likely has something up its sleeve and Activision is likely to share more information about Call of Duty Modern Warfare II.