Instagram Stories Carousel on Desktop Gets a New Look, Now See More Stories At Once

The new layout allows you to see a total of five stories at a time on your Instagram Stories desktop.

Instagram stories

Facebook-owned Instagram, the video and image sharing platform introduced Stories feature long back in India and across the globe to take on Snapchat. The Instagram stories garnered a lot of popularity among the users but the desktop version was not as interacting as the mobile version. Keeping everything in mind Instagram has now started rolling out a new layout for the stories on desktop. According to the report, the new layout will show stories in a carousel way. Here’s a closer look at the new addition to the Instagram desktop.

Instagram Stories New Layout For Desktop

As per the report, the new layout will make it easier for viewers to check stories on the desktop. Instagram started testing the new design back in December 2020 and now the developers are rolling out the revamped layout for all the users. The new design allows the users to view the stories in a carousel way with clickable previews of the next and previous stories.

The new design makes the interface of the Instagram Stories more user-friendly on the desktop version. It also helps users to keep a track of where they are in the story. The new multi-story layout is working for us which means it is already available in. In case it’s not appearing for you then you need to wait for a little while it is hitting your region soon.

The new layout allows you to see a total of five stories at a time on your Instagram Stories desktop. You can navigate next and previous stories with the help of the cursor. The next story aromatically slides in the center once you finish watching the current one. The new design also includes a pause/play and volume mutton button on the screen. It will also allow users to directly reply to the stories similar to the phone version. Do let us know about your thoughts on the new design of the Instagram Stories.

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