Instagram Will Now Allow Users To Restore ‘Recently Deleted’ Posts

The recently deleted feature will retain posts, stories, videos, reels etc. on Instagram for 30 days.


Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram is adding a new feature that makes it easier to return deleted posts to your feed. The new feature, which is called “recently deleted” will allow users to take a second look at photos, reels, videos, stories and IGTV videos that you have deleted and return them to your account. Instagram claims this is a move to protect users against hackers. “We know hackers sometimes delete content when they gain access to an account, and until now people had no way of easily getting their photos and videos back,” it said in a blog post

The platform will also start asking users to verify that they are the “rightful account holders” when they are deleting or restoring content to their account from the Recently Deleted feature. 

The company says this new feature is something users have been “asking for” and this will be the first time they actually get to do it.

How it works

To use the Recently deleted feature, you will have to navigate to Instagram’s Settings page, tap Accounts and then the newly added Recently Deleted option. You will see posts that can be restored or permanently deleted on this screen. According to the blog post, deleted stories that aren’t in your archive will stay in this folder for 24 hours, while other posts will stay for 30 days and automatically deleted after that.

The feature is basically a recycle bin for Instagram. You will be able to restore photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos and Instagram Stories that you have deleted.

It’s also worth noting that Instagram offers a separate archive feature, which allows users to retain content without posting it for public consumption.

While the feature does seem like a useful addition for users, it’s also clearly useful for Facebook itself. The company retains access to user posts for longer and has more data to act on. It’s also a reminder that Facebook has access to deleted posts even after you take them off the platform. Of course, the company says they will be retained for 30 days only and you have the option to permanently delete them from the Recently Deleted screen as well.