Instagram’s New Take A Break Feature Allows You To Stop Using Instagram

Instagram's Take a Break feature is similar to do not disturb and other wellness features built into Android and iOS platforms.


There’s no other way to say this. Instagram wants you to stop spending so much time on Instagram. Or at least that’s what it wants you to think, given a new feature called “Take a Break”, which the platform is working on right now. The feature has been in the works for a few months now and Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, revealed that it started a public test from this week. “We started testing a new feature called ‘Take a Break’ this week. This opt-in control enables you to receive break reminders in-app after a duration of your choosing,” Mosseri said in a tweet.

Mosseri added that the company hopes to learn from the data it collects and “hopefully” launch the feature by next month. 

How ‘Take a Break’ works on Instagram

“It does what you think it does,” Mosseri said in a video posted along with his tweet. “If you opt in, it encourages you to take a break from Instagram after you spend a certain amount of time on the app; 10, 20, or 30 minutes,” he added.

The feature is not very different from do not disturb and other wellness modes introduced on Android and iOS platforms over the past few years. If you turn it on, it will remind you to stop using the platform after a fixed time frame, and Instagram will actively send a notification to teens to opt-in to the feature as well, according to The Verge. The feature has 10 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute limits.

When you cross those limits, you will get a screen that asks you to stop using Instagram, though it doesn’t seem to lock the app in any way. 

How to turn on take a break on Instagram

As mentioned before, the feature is under test right now, so it may not be available to everyone. However, you can check the same from the settings screen on your app.

  • Go to the account section on Instagram
  • Find the three horizontal lines on the top right and navigate to settings

Mosseri’s video also suggests that Instagram will actively show posts within the app, where it asks users to turn this feature on. You could turn on the feature from there directly, if you need to.