Intel’s In House 6nm Gaming GPU With 16GB GDDR6 Memory Could Make The RTX 3070 Sweat

The Intel high performance gaming (HPG) series GPU is said to be the company’s big bet on breaking into the two-pronged gaming GPU race.

Intel Xe DG2 HPG GPU sample

Intel is seemingly set to chase AMD and Nvidia soon, with its own high performance graphics solution. After previous rumours also pointed at the same nature of development with Intel, the latest information suggests that the Intel Xe High Performance Gaming (HPG) chip, codenamed DG2, is steady in works inside the company’s labs, and its updated performance metrics seemingly suggest that it will surpass the level of performance achieved by a high-end dedicated GPU available today, such as the Nvidia RTX 3070.

According to a popular YouTuber who operates the account ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’, the new Intel Xe HPG GPU already has working engineering samples available. A purported engineering design of the GPU shows a dual-fan design on the GPU, and the black plastic exterior is almost certainly not going to play a part in the GPU’s eventual commercial packaging – given how cheap and hideous it looks. Still, the performance figures do paint an interesting picture.

The Intel Xe HPG DG2 GPU apparently features 512 execution units, and has boost clock speed of up to 2.2GHz. It also gets a 256-bit memory bus, and will feature 16GB of GDDR6 GPU memory. While it was previously rumoured to be built on the 7nm enhanced process from the TSMC foundry, the new rumour claims that the company‘s new GPU may be featured on a new 6nm fabrication process.

Given the specifications being spoken about, speculations suggest that the Intel Xe HPG DG2 GPU will offer better performance than the Nvidia RTX 3070, but lesser than the RTX 3080. If this does indeed come to fruition, this will mark Intel’s official entry in the uncharted high end GPU territory – a place where only Nvidia and AMD rule the roster. Other details also suggest that Intel may also be looking to adopt its own version of Nvidia’s DLSS technology, but most educated guesses suggest that this is a plan for another day – not for an imminent launch.

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