Internet Explorer has the Plug Pulled by Microsoft After 27 Years: And Here’s How the Internet Reacted

The most popular Google Chrome downloader has officially shut down and the internet can't stop itself from reacting.


One of the most popular and oldest browsers, Internet Explorer has officially shut down. After launching it on August 16, 1995, Microsoft allowed the browser to serve internet users for 27 years. The browser dominated the dial-up internet phase. Microsoft says that with the latest upgrades happening around the Windows, due to which the Internet Explorer has to retire. It will be shifting the data of the user from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge.

While this is a fact that it was a popular browser with its peak in 2003, things started to change when Mozilla Firefox was launched in 2004 and then Google Chrome came in 2008. Google Chrome is now the most dominant browser. Sarcastically, Internet Explorer is also called the best Chrome downloader as most laptops come pre-installed with it. A user would go into Explorer and download Google Chrome. After launching 11 versions of the browser, Microsoft decided to rebrand it with the Microsoft Edge name which was also called the Project Spartan. And now that the company has officially shut down the browser, the Internet couldn’t stop itself from reacting to the topic with memes, stuff, and videos. Let’s see how the internet reacted.

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Reactions After Internet Explorer Shut Down

Starting with one of the iconic tributes, someone actually built a tombstone for the Internet Explorer in Korea with a hilarious text.” He was a good tool to download other browsers.”

It’s no surprise that Internet Explorer was slow compared to the other modern generation browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. A user shares a funny meme about the same topic.

A Twitter user posts a video which shows how Internet Explorer and dominated the market but also how it lost it with the introduction of new browsers. Check out the video below.

Morning Brew shared a creative that is taken from the movie ‘Toy Story 2’. We can see how the toys mean users are bidding goodbye to Internet Explorer.

Windows ask you if you would like to make Internet Explorer the default browser on PC which most of the users do not prefer. Here’s a tweet depicting the same.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been a gem for 90s users, here’s a tweet describing the nostalgia for such users.

Have you ever wondered how the first generation of Internet Explorer looked compared to the last version? Here’s a tweet for the same.

Indian Premium League team, Rajasthan Royals took to Twitter to share a funny meme on the Internet Explorer with the first ever media right of the IPL.

Zomato, the popular food delivery app praised the Internet Explorer by saying that it was faster than people who keeps deciding what to order.

A user shared the meme of what happens after the browser reaches heaven. Take a look yourself.

If you have been an user of the Internet browser, then tell us what was your experience with it? Let us know in the comments section.