Free Fire Max Level Up Pass: What is it and How to Get up to 800 Diamonds Using it

This is what a Level Up Pass in Free Max means and how you can purchase it.


Free Fire Max is one of the popular games in India. The game offers its own currency called Diamonds, which starts from Rs 80 for 100 Diamonds and goes up to Rs 4,000 for 5,600 Diamonds. To offer a better value for money on its currency, Free Fire Max has come up with a Level Up Pass that provides you with Diamonds for an affordable price. It’s a one-time subscription that rewards you with diamonds as you cross a level. In this article, we will discuss what a Level Up Pass is and how you can purchase it. Free Fire lovers, we have a bonus point for you at the end of this article that offers you another value-for-money Diamond purchase. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Level up Pass in Free Fire Max?

The Level Up Pass in Free Fire Max allows players to earn diamonds whenever they cross a new level. Rather than spending money to buy diamonds individually in the game, users can buy a Level Up Pass instead and get diamonds as soon as they cross a new level. To give you a better picture, you can get 310 diamonds for Rs 240; however, with the Level Up Pass, you can get 800 diamonds for just Rs 190 on the condition that you have to clear the levels. Here’s a table that tells you how many diamonds you earn on passing each level.

Levels Number of Diamonds Received
Level 2 200
Level 4 50
Level 6 50
Level 8 50
Level 10 50
Level 13 50
Level 16 50
Level 20 50
Level 25 50
Level 30 200

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How to Purchase Free Fire Max Level Up Pass?

To buy a Free Fire Max Level Up Pass directly from the game, follow the steps below. Before starting the steps, make sure that you have logged in with the account in which you wish to earn diamonds. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, click here to download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Open the Free Fire Max game.
  2. On the homepage of the game, tap on the Diamond icon placed on the top.
  3. On the left sidebar, tap on Level Up Pass option.
  4. Tap on the Rs 190 option on the poster placed above the boxes.
  5. Make the purchase using your preferred payment method. Once done, your Level up pass will be activated. Now play games, clear levels, and claim your free diamonds.

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How to Get Cheap Diamonds?

In case you are still open to other options to get Free Fire Max Diamonds at a lower price, we have another method for you. These methods will save you a lot of money compared to regular pricing. The game offers its players two memberships based on days – Weekly and Monthly. The price of Weekly membership is Rs 159, which offers you a total of 450 diamonds. Out of these, you get 100 directly, whereas the rest of 350 as daily sign-in. Other benefits include a weekly member icon, discount store privilege, second chance, 2x Diamond royale vouchers, and 1x weapon royale vouchers.

The monthly membership, on the other hand, is priced at Rs 799 and offers a total of 2600 diamonds. Players get 500 diamonds directly, whereas the rest can be claimed by daily signing in. Besides that, a player who subscribes to this membership gets a monthly member icon, discount store privilege, 5x second chance, 7x Diamond royale vouchers, and 7x weapon royale vouchers.


How much is Free Fire Max level up pass?

The Free Fire Max Level Up Pass costs Rs 190.

How do you level up in Free Fire Max?

To level up, you will need to play as many games as possible and win the Free Fire Max.

What is the use of level-up pass in Free Fire Max?

You can get Free Fire Max diamonds at a cheaper cost after buying a level-up pass.