Google Gemini App Now Available in India

  • Google’s Gemini chatbot is now available as a dedicated app in India.
  • It supports all features from the desktop version.

The Google Gemini app is now officially available for download in India. It lets you interact directly with Google’s advanced AI chatbot Gemini, a solid competitor for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Users can now replace Google Assistant with Gemini on Android phones. It also supports nine Indian languages.

Gemini Comes to India

The Google Gemini app was announced last year as an easier way for users to access the AI chatbot. It was initially available in the United States and a few European countries, but it has now officially arrived in India.

The company says the Gemini app’s mobile-first approach is designed to enhance users’ productivity and learning experiences.

The Gemini app’s chatbot answers user queries with the power of its AI models. It also supports Gemini Advanced, the paid version of Gemini that uses higher-end AI models for faster and longer responses.

Gemini currently supports nine Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. It supports both text and voice input and also responds with voice in these languages.

Users can ask Gemini to write text, proofread content, and analyse data. It also lets users upload Excel and CSV files directly. The mobile app supports all features from the desktop version. It can also summarize your emails when you use the Google account on Gmail and Gemini.

Additionally, Gemini is available on the Google Messages app. Users can have direct conversations with the chatbot in the messages app, but it only supports English in this mode.

Google’s Gemini app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices. However, a standalone app for iOS is not available yet. iPhone and iPad users can access the Gemini chatbot from the Google app on iOS.

The Gemini app on Android will directly compete with the ChatGPT app, which has been available for a while. However, ChatGPT has an edge over Gemini as it is available on both Android and iOS.