Meta AI now available in India on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

  • Meta’s AI chatbot will be free on WhatsApp, Instagram, and more Meta apps.
  • Meta AI on WhatsApp was previously in beta.

Meta AI was introduced earlier this year, marking Mark Zuckerberg’s entry into the AI chatbot race. It has now officially arrived in India. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram users can now ask any question to Meta AI, similar to using ChatGPT, Gemini, etc. Let’s check out the features of Meta AI, and how you can use them in India.

Namaste Meta AI: Welcome to India

Meta AI is based on the Llama 3 model developed in-house by Meta. It is capable of answering any general queries by the user. Meta AI can solve puzzles, and doubts, create trip plans, suggest recipes, write essays, etc. It can also write code in several popular coding languages.

The AI chatbot can be accessed for free on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Meta AI is available as a separate chat in WhatsApp. It can be accessed on Instagram and Messenger via the ‘@MetaAI in a DM conversation’ command. On Facebook, Meta AI is available on the home feed. It can be used to summarize a long post or to get more information about any topic on the timeline.

Meta AI is slowly rolling out to all users in India. Users are recommended to update their apps to the latest version on Android and iOS platforms. Since it’s a phased rollout, it may take some time for the feature to arrive to all users.

Meta AI will now directly compete against OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini, Claude, Perplexity AI, and others. However, Meta has a huge edge over its competition as it has integrated its AI services within its social media apps with over a billion users worldwide.

Currently, Meta AI will be free for all. The company has not shared any plans to release a paid version, unlike other chatbots.