Microsoft Postpones Recall AI Feature Due to Security Concerns 

  • Microsoft has delayed the launch of its AI feature called Recall, which was about to launch on June 18.
  • The tech giant promoted this feature as a productivity booster but privacy concerns have arisen.

Remember Microsoft‘s Recall AI feature? It was slated to take screenshots of every activity from June 18. After heavy criticism from users and privacy upholders, the company has announced that it has delayed the feature. Now, it will be released as a preview to members of the Windows Insider Program in the coming time.

What is a Recall Feature and Why is It Causing Controversy?

The Recall feature will be available for Insider users in the coming weeks. It will reach everyone after feedback is given by Insider users.

Recall is an AI feature that takes screenshots of a user’s screen every few seconds, creating a searchable visual timeline to help users quickly find previously viewed content across apps, websites, images, and documents.

Microsoft has touted the feature as a productivity booster. However, concerns about the privacy and security implications of storing and analysing such sensitive data have been raised.

While the tech giant has assured that the data is stored locally and will be encrypted, security experts worry that a data breach could expose a user’s entire digital life.

What’s Microsoft Doing About it?

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced that enabling Recall on devices will come with enhanced security features. It will require biometric “Windows Hello” security to activate Recall and will need to verify your presence to access Recall data. The company also mentioned additional authentication features to protect user data.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows Devices, Pavan Davuluri, stated, “As always, we will keep listening to and learning from our customers, including developers and enterprises, to improve our experiences in meaningful ways. We will continue to develop these new capabilities and experiences by prioritising privacy, safety, and security.

It remains to be seen how the Recall feature is received by Insider users and how Microsoft refines it before it reaches general users.