Samsung Wallet Now Supports Movie and Event Tickets to Rival Google Wallet in India

  • Samsung joins hands with Paytm to introduce ticket booking functionality.
  • Users with Samsung phones can now purchase and store tickets without any external app.

Samsung has partnered with Paytm to introduce ticketing services in the Samsung Wallet app in India. The Galaxy smartphone users can now book bus, flight, movie, and event tickets directly from the default Samsung Wallet app. Users can also claim exciting discounts on their first booking. With this, it competes with the recently introduced Google Wallet app in India. Here are the details.

Samsung Wallet App Integrates Paytm’s Services

The Samsung Wallet app allows users to store credit cards, debit cards, tickets, and important documents. It is exclusively available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. However, the app’s functions were limited to tap-and-pay payments and the storage of other cards.

The new partnership with Paytm will now enable a large variety of services like ticket bookings for trains, flights, movies, Paytm Insider events, etc. directly in the Samsung Wallet app. However, the integration does NOT include UPI and bill payments.

Galaxy device owners can now book and store their tickets digitally in one place, i.e., the Samsung Wallet app. The platform will soon introduce up to Rs 1,150 discounts on first-ticket booking. Samsung is also working to introduce a referral program for its wallet app, where users will get an Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs 100 per successful referral.

Currently, Samsung is running an offer on Tap and Pay payments, where users will get an Amazon Gift Voucher of Rs 250 by paying at any POS terminal using their smartphone through NFC.

The Samsung Wallet app is a handy tool for instant payments and storing documents. Users with a non-Samsung smartphone can use the Google Wallet app for it provides similar features. However, it misses out on the Paytm partnership for ticket bookings. The official Google Wallet app is now available for all users in India.