WhatsApp Introduces Context Cards for Group Chat Invites to Tackle Spams

  • Context Cards will give users an idea about WhatsApp groups they receive an invite for.
  • WhatsApp Group Chat invite context cards will roll out to everyone in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp is introducing a new Group Chat feature called Context Cards. It is meant to provide users with a context about group chat invites. The goal is to help tackle spam and identify WhatsApp group invites worth your time and attention. The announcement was made by Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp at Meta, through his official WhatsApp Channel.

WhatsApp Group Chat Context Cards: How to Use?

On receiving an invite to join a new WhatsApp group, the app will show a context card featuring relevant information. Users will be able to see who added them and whether the person is a contact or non-contact. It will also show who created the group and when. There will be a group description to help you decide if you want to join or leave.

WhatsApp group context cards

The context card will offer a quick link to WhatsApp Safety Tools and a button to exit the group. If you find a group invite suspicious, you can report the group like you normally do.

The WhatsApp Group Chat Context Cards feature is currently in the rollout phase. The feature is expected to reach everyone in the next few weeks.

In other news, Meta AI support was recently released for everyone in India on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. It is a free-to-use chatbot based on Meta’s Llama 3 model. It can be used for various things like asking questions, planning a trip, checking recipes, solving puzzles, summarising long posts, and writing essays or emails.

The team is working on making Meta AI more useful for WhatsApp users. It is testing the ability to edit photos by uploading them. It can also be used to explain what is in the image. It is unknown when we will see the feature become available for everyone.