WhatsApp New Features for Video Calls: Check Them Out

  • WhatsApp will roll out the newly introduced features soon.
  • The audio in video or audio calls will be crisper even if users use older devices or have poor network connectivity.

WhatsApp has announced new features for its video calling capabilities in both desktop and mobile versions. The improvements follow the previous update, which introduced support for group calling, video calls, and multi-platform support.

WhatsApp Video Call Improvements

It is revealed that WhatsApp users can soon start sharing screens with the rest of the participants. This functionality also supports sharing audio, which lets the users conduct a watch party among the other participants in the video calls.

The Meta-owned social media giant has also announced a spotlight feature for the speaker, similar to Google Meet and Zoom. This feature will highlight and place the speaker on the first screen. WhatsApp adds that the social media giant has also focused on improving the audio and video quality of their audio and video calls.

WhatsApp has also increased the limit on the number of people who can participate in a video call to 32. The increase in the number of participants in video calls allows users to connect with most of their family or friends in a single call. To recall, WhatsApp recently allowed up to 32 people during voice calls.

WhatsApp has also integrated the MLow codec, which will result in enhanced audio quality and reliability during calls. Calls via smartphones will also support improved noise and echo cancellation. This will help when the background is noisy.