iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Series Receives Price Cut in India After iPhone 13 Launch, Here’s How Much They Cost Now

Apple iPhone 12 series and 11 series in India have received a new price cut after the iPhone 13 series launch.

Apple iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 13 series mini pro max

Apple, at their California Streaming event, unveiled a bunch of products including the new iPhone 13 series, new iPad, iPad Mini and Watch Series 7. Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 12 series in India has received expected price cuts. We already reported last week that Apple has slashed the price of Apple iPhone 12 series in India, but there’s a new price cut after the iPhone 13 launch. After the price cut, the iPhone 12 series, starting with the iPhone 12 Mini in India starts at just Rs 59,990 in India. The vanilla iPhone 12 in India starts at Rs 65,900 now. The iPhone 11 also became a lot cheaper with the arrival of the new generation. Here are the detailed price cut that each model of the iPhone 12 series has received after the iPhone 13 launch:

iPhone 12 Series Price Cut in India, New Prices

Apple iPhone 12 series has received price cuts in India after the iPhone 13 launch. All the prices have been updated on the Apple India store. The iPhone 12 Mini is now priced at Rs 59,990 for the 64GB storage, Rs 64,900 for 128GB and Rs 74,900 for 256GB storage. Similarly, the vanilla iPhone 12 now costs Rs 65,900 for 64GB, Rs 70,900 for 128GB and Rs 80,900 for 256GB.

Just like every year, Apple has discontinued the Pro and Pro Max models of iPhone 12 series. Only leftover stock would be sold on Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores. iPhone 12 Pro is available on Amazon and Flipart for Rs 1,06,900 for 128GB storage, Rs 1,18,900 for 256GB storage and Rs 1,39,900 for 512GB storage option.

The top-most model iPhone 12 Pro Max is available at Rs 1,15,900 for the 128GB storage option. The 256GB and 512GB storage options are priced at Rs 1,25,900, and Rs 1,55,900, respectively. You can check out the below table for better understanding.

Model Configuration  Launch Price       New Price
iPhone 12 Mini 64GB Rs 64,999    Rs 59,990
128GB Rs 74,900   Rs 64,900 
256GB Rs 84,900  Rs 74,900 
iPhone 12  64GB Rs 79,999    Rs 65,900
128GB Rs 84,990    Rs 70,900
256GB Rs 94,900   Rs 80,900
iPhone 12 Pro 128GB Rs 1,19,900   Rs 1,06,900
256GB Rs 1,29,990   Rs 1,18,900
512GB Rs 1,49,900   Rs 1,39,900
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB Rs 1,29,900    Rs 1,15,900
256GB Rs 1,39,900   Rs 1,25,900,
512GB Rs 1,59,900      Rs 1,55,900,


iPhone 11 Available Now For Less Than Rs 50,000 in India

Following the iPhone 13 launch, iPhone 11 has also received a price cut in India. The new prices of Apple iPhone 11 are now live on Apple India store. As per the updated price, iPhone 11 now starts at Rs 49,900 for the base variant with 64GB storage and the 128GB variant is priced at Rs 54,900 in India. Apple iPhone 11 is available in six different colours: Purple, Green, White, Black, Yellow and Red. The phone is available on Apple store, Amazon, Flipkart and leading offline stores.

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