[Update] Several Users Complain About Cancelled iPhone 13 Order During Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale, Company Responds

iPhone 13 is no longer available for under Rs 50,000.


Update: Flipkart has responded to the issues caused on the platform.

The company said “Flipkart is a customer first ecommerce marketplace and always ensures that customers’ interests are protected. We understand that close to 70% of all iPhone orders placed across cities including Guntur, Gorakhpur, and Siliguri have been successfully delivered by the Sellers.

Further, the company added “less than 3% of all orders has been cancelled by Sellers due to anomalies. As a customer-focused ecommerce marketplace, we encourage sellers to prioritise the customers’ orders and strive to keep them delighted with their service.”

The Flipkart Big Billion Day sale kickstarted last week in India and among all the deals and discounts, the iPhone 13‘s massive price was one of the steal deals. Ahead of the launch, Flipkart had already confirmed that the iPhone 13’s price will be under Rs 50,000 for the base variant with 128GB of internal storage.

However, when the sale started on September 22 at midnight, there were lots of issues, the Flipkart website crashed for many and others faced payment issues. Even with these difficulties, many users managed to grab their iPhone 13 under Rs 50,000. But, it has come to light in the last couple of days that Flipkart is cancelling multiple orders of iPhone 13 and now, the e-commerce site has is also delaying the refunds and iPhone 13 base variant is unavailable at the moment.

Flipkart Cancelling iPhone 13 Orders

Once the sale went live at 12 mid-night on September 22nd, the iPhone 13 (128GB) was available for Rs 49,999 and with card offers, the device was available for Rs 47,999 with bank offers and even with difficulties, many users managed to place orders. The iPhone 13 went out of stock pretty quickly and Flipkart did bring back stocks a few minutes later, but there was a change in price. Flipkart had increased the price to Rs 52,999 and then a few hours later it was moved up to Rs 54,999. As of writing this article, the iPhone 13 now starts at Rs 57,990 on Flipkart, but the 128GB variant is out of stock.

Some of the folks who managed to order iPhone 13 during the first day of the sale are now reporting on Twitter that Flipkart has cancelled their order. People took this matter to Twitter and ate expressing their disappointment. This is likely because the seller on Flipkart is not able to meet the high demand and is cancelling the orders, but Flipkart is not giving any reasons for cancelled orders.

Further, some users have shared that Flipkart will pay a full refund on September 30th, which is just the sale day of the Flipkart BBD sale. And, until users get a refund, they won’t be able to place another order, since their money is still with Flipkart.