There’s a Slim Chance iPhone 14 Pro May Replace Lightning With USB-C Port


It has been over a couple of months since Apple unveiled the new iPhone 13 series. The company launched its new iPhones with a bigger battery, smaller notch and larger camera sensors. Apple did not fiddle much with the design and launched the 2021 iPhones with the same iPhone 12-like design. One of the much-requested features from the upcoming iPhone 14 series is the inclusion of a USB Type-C port. Apple launched the iPhone 5 series with a Lightning port and since then, all iPhone models have featured the connectivity port for charging. It looks like Apple might finally introduce a USB Type-C port on the iPhone 14 Pro models. 

iPhone 14 Pro USB Type-C rumoured

According to tipster LeaksApplePro and iDropNews, the Pro models in 2022 could come with a USB Type-C port over Lightning. The report suggests that the transfer speeds could be one of the reasons for Apple to ditch Lightning in favour of USB Type-C. The Lightning port on the iPhone 13 Pro models supports USB 2.0 speeds. In comparison, USB Type-C supports USB 3.0, resulting in faster read and write speeds. With a faster sport, it would become easier for people to quickly transfer ProRes videos from their iPhone Pro models to a Mac or desktop. 

It would not be a surprise if the USB Type-C port is reserved for the Pro models next year. The standard iPhone models could get the universal standard port in 2023, according to the report. Apple’s iPad Pro lineup and the iPad Air were among the first to get a USB Type-C port over Lightning. The new iPad mini also comes with a USB Type-C port.

Another reason for Apple to switch to a USB Type-C port is to avoid legal troubles with the European Union. The regulatory has advised Apple and other OEMs to have a universal Type-C port on their devices and cut down on e-waste. Apple has been finding ways to overcome these issues but with added pressure from other countries, it looks like 2022 is finally the year when we will see an iPhone with a USB Type-C port. In line with this, Apple could also play the environment card and launch its iPhone without a cable, stating that there are several USB Type-C cables that users could be having with them.

Nevertheless, a USB Type-C iPhone is always a welcome move. That being said, this is just a rumour and it is best advised to take one with a truck load of salt.