iPhone 14 Series Battery Replacement Said to Cost More Than iPhone 13 Series

iPhone 14 series battery replacement costs 43% more compared to the iPhone 13 in the US market.


Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup was launched last week. Starting this week, the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max will be available for purchase while the iPhone 14 Plus will go on sale from October 7th. The iPhone 14 lineup’s battery capacities were revealed recently and compared to the last-gen devices, the battery capacities remain almost the same except for the iPhone 14 Pro, which has been bumped up by 105mAh as compared to the 13 Pro Max.

While Apple has not changed much when it comes to the device’s hardware and design, the price has remained the same in the US. Now, Apple has revealed (via 9to5mac) the cost of the iPhone 14 series’s battery replacement.

iPhone 14 Battery Replacement Cost

The battery replacement for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost $99 (around Rs 7,850) in the US, which is a jump from $69 for the iPhone 13 series 一 this is an increase of 43% compared to the last gen device. In the UK, the battery replacement for the new iPhone 14 will cost £105 (around Rs 9,740), which is an increase from £69.iPhone 14 Pro Max

This price is applicable for those iPhones which are out of a one-year warranty or the iPhones which do not have AppleCare+ protection. While iPhone’s battery health will last for a good few years, when the time arrives for replacement, users will have to pay the premium and get it replaced. AppleCare+ will offer free unlimited repair, but for those who do not have the plan, you will have to pay the premium amount and get it replaced.

Further, the estimated battery replacement cost for all the older iPhone models at set at $69 (~ Rs 5,500) except iPhone SE, which costs $49 (~Rs 3,900). It is unclear at the moment why Apple has increased the battery replacement cost for the new iPhones. The Indian pricing for the battery replacement is unknown at the moment.

iPhone Model Battery Capacity
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max – Battery Model: A2830 4,323mAh
Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Battery Model: A2866 3,200mAh
Apple iPhone 14 Plus – Battery Model: A2850 4,325mAh
Apple iPhone 14 – Battery Model: A2863 3,279mAh