iPhone and MacBook Camera Maker Sunny Optical to Setup Facility in India

Sunny Optical join hands with Apple to set up a new manufacturing facility in India with an investment of $300 million.


  1. Sunny Optech join hands with Apple to set up a new facility in India.
  2. Sunny Optech and Apple’s partnership might generate $3-4 billion in revenue.
  3. Sunny Optech might start trials in China in 2024. Then, it will start manufacturing in India.

Sunny Optech has partnered with Cupertino-based tech giant Apple to set up a new facility in India. To those unaware, Sunny Optech is already making camera modules for Android devices for the last three years with Celkon in its Triputi facility and sources close to development believe that cameras for Apple will be manufactured in the same facility. However, this time the arm of China-based Sunny Optical has not decided the location to set up the facility, which is expected to serve computers, laptops, and mobile phones of Apple.

Under this partnership, Sunny Optech is planning to invest $300 million in several phases until 2026, President of Sunny Opotech India, Welly Liu, was quoted by businessline. He also expects that this partnership will generate $3-4 billion revenue; however, the production will only start after the trial run in its home country China, which is likely to start in 2024, after that, it will start manufacturing in India.

Liu further states that the camera module for Apple is high value and new investment is expected to increase the company’s revenue of the camera module up to $10 billion by 2026; however, a partnership with Apple might only generate $3 billion. Currently, the company generates $3.5 billion revenue from the same business. In addition, the businessline report said that the camera module industry is about $30 billion, whereas Apple is contributing $15-18 billion in the industry.

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For the uninitiated, Sunny Optech is known for manufacturing camera modules for several industries like automobiles, robots, security, mobile devices, and more.

Apple Might Manufacture Screens

Meanwhile, a Bloomberg report claims that Apple is likely to reduce its dependence on third-party suppliers and will manufacture its screen. The report claims that the company will start with Apple Watches and next year will move to mobile devices. However, the company is likely to manufacture microLED, which means it might not manufacture OLED panels that are available for iPhone 12 and above.

Besides, the report pointed out that Apple might design the displays, but expected to hire a third party for the manufacturing. Presently, the company is operating one facility in Santa Clara, one headquarter (manufacturing screens), and research campus in Taiwan.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time when it has been reported that Apple wants to reduce its dependence on third-party companies and might produce screens for its products, so this can be a rumor, but still, this can be a big issue for LG, Samsung, and more companies that are manufacturing their screens. Furthermore, the report also claims that the Cupertino-based tech giant is struggling with the screens due to their high costs.