iPhone Battery Replacement Cost to Become More Expensive from March 1, 2023

The company is also increasing the battery replacement cost of other products.

  1. Apple will increase the battery replacement cost of iPhones outside warranty by $20.
  2. The new pricing will be effective from March 1, 2023.
  3. Currently, the iPhone 13 battery replacement cost is set at $69.

Apple iPhone battery is set to become more expensive. The company has announced that the battery replacement cost for iPhones will be expensive by $20 for all models prior to iPhone 14. This means that the battery replacement cost for the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12 series in India will increase by $20 in the US. There is no word on how much more expensive the battery replacement cost will be for the iPhone in markets outside the US. However, going by past records, we can expect Apple to make the price hike globally.

The company currently charges $69 (roughly Rs 5,700) for the replacement of most iPhone batteries. From March 1, 2023, all customers who do not have AppleCare or ‌AppleCare‌+ for their devices will have to pay $20 more in case their phone is out of warranty and requires battery replacement. Customers who have AppleCare+ and their iPhone’s battery holds less than 80 per cent of its original capacity are eligible for a battery replacement at no additional cost.

The company is also increasing the battery replacement cost of other products. These include the Mac and iPad. The MacBook Air’s battery replacement cost will be increased by $30 in the US, whereas the MacBook Pro’s battery replacement will cost $50 more. On top of this, customers who require shipping will be charged extra. The pricing is also exclusive of the local taxes. The reason behind the price hike is unknown.

Currently, the iPhone 14 series costs $99 for battery replacement. The company increased the pricing earlier this year for the new models, which pack bigger batteries compared to the previous generations. The iPhone 14 Plus packs the biggest battery among the four models. It has a 4325 mAh battery. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is second in the list with a 4323 mAh battery. The iPhone 14 has a 3279 mAh battery, whereas the 14 Pro has a 3200 mAh battery. These users need to worry if they have AppleCare+ or if their phone’s battery is above 80 per cent of the original capacity.

The iPhone 13 series and the iPhone 12 series, on the other hand, cost $69 per unit. The price is the same for big phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max/ iPhone 13 Pro Max, as well as mini models, such as the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 13 mini. The cost of battery replacement for older models with a home button, such as the iPhone SE, is $49 at the moment.

Apple has not confirmed any details about the hike in the battery replacement cost of the iPhone in India following March 1, 2023. The company is likely to make an official announcement soon, provided there is a hike planned for the Indian market.