How to Record Calls on an iPhone: 3 Tested Methods

Yes! You can record calls on your iPhone.

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Among the list of restrictions faced by Apple users, one is that you cannot record calls on your iPhone. Unlike Android devices, there is no inbuilt support for call recording on iOS. Only a handful of third-party apps allow you to record calls on Apple devices, that too with a workaround. In this article, we will tell you all about how you can record calls on iPhones.

Before we go any further, it is important to take the consent of the recipient before you start recording a call on an iPhone. Also, it is always a good idea to know the laws about recording calls in your state. 

3 Best Ways to Record Calls on an iPhone

Using a Secondary Device

Since the iPhone doesn’t officially have a call recording feature, using a secondary device to record calls is probably the best way forward. To do this, open the recording app on a different device. On your iPhone, put your call on speaker. If you have a secondary iPhone or iPad, open the Voice Memos app and tap on the Red button to start recording. Android users, on the other hand, can use the default voice recording app or download any third-party voice recording apps from the Google Play Store. 

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While this method is foolproof, the only caveat is that you will need a separate device. Also, you will need to put the phone on speaker, which means you’re likely to have to take the call privately. 

Using Google Voice

If you don’t have a secondary device, another way to record calls on an iPhone is through the Google Voice app. With Google Voice, you get a free mail number, a phone number, and a call-round service. Plus, it has an inbuilt call recording feature. Here’s how to use it. 

1. Claim your Google Voice number from the Google Voice webpage if you haven’t already. 

2. Install and set up the Google Voice app on your iPhone. 

3. Go back to the Google Voice webpage 

4. Click on the Settings button at the top of the screen. 

5. Go to the calls section and toggle incoming call options. 

6. Pick an incoming call from the Google Voice app. 

7. Go to the keypad and press 4. 

8. You will now hear a confirmation message that the app is recording the call. 

You can view the recorded calls in your Google Voicemail. If you want to end the recording in-between a call, you can press 4 again to end the recording. Note that you can record incoming calls and not outgoing calls with Google Voice. In other words, if you want to record a call on an iPhone using Google Voice, you will need to ask the recipient to call you using your Google Voice number.

One major problem with Google Voice is that it is only available in a handful of countries which includes the USA, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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Using Third-Party Apps

Since the Google Voice app only allows recording incoming calls, you can look at other third-party apps as well which allow recording both incoming and outgoing. Rev is among the best for recording calls on iPhone for free. You can download the app from the App Store

To record calls on your iPhone using Rev, here is what you need to do –

1. Register your number and tap on the Start Recorded Call option at the bottom.

2. Select whether you want to record an incoming call or an outgoing call.

3. Enter the number that you want to call and press on Start call.

4. If you want to record an incoming call, Rev will automatically prompt you to connect to their Call Recorder and will set up a 3-way conference call.

5. Once you have ended the call, the recorded file will automatically show up on the app.

The best part about Rev is that you can record calls on the iPhone for free using the app. However, Rev is only available in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Other popular call recorder apps on iPhone are ‎TapeACall Pro, Call Recorder Pro, CallRecorder – IntCall, etc. Do note that most recording apps for iPhone are paid.

Why Doesn’t Apple Allow Call Recordings?

Apple hasn’t officially shared any information on why it doesn’t have an in-house call recording feature. However, it is believed that Apple does this to avoid getting into any legal issues. Instead of dealing with different laws regarding call recording, Apple takes the easy route and simply avoids including the call recording feature in iPhones. 

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