iPhone and iPad Users Can Finally Stream YouTube TV Videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode

The long due PiP Mode is finally making its way to iPhones and iPads.


Google has begun pushing out a new update to its iOS YouTube TV app that enables picture-in-picture capability for both iPhone and iPad users. The update has been long overdue. The new update is rolling out for devices running iOS 15 and above. Let’s take a closer look at picture-in-picture mode for YouTube TV on iOS and iPad.

You May Now Stream YouTube TV Videos in a Mini Window

YouTube TV team via a Twitter post revealed that picture-in-picture (PiP) is now rolling out to devices running iOS 15 and above. Users may return to the Home screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (as with any other application on Apple devices), with the video continuing to play in a tiny picture-in-picture window. YouTube TV viewers may watch videos while doing other things on their iPhone or iPad thanks to picture-in-picture functionality.

To stream a video in the picture-in-picture mode, simply select a video to watch and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the device’s homepage. With the latest version of the YouTube TV app installed, the video will continue to play in a mini video that can be moved across your screen. Users can close the PiP window by sliding it away from their screen.

In terms of availability, YouTube claims that the functionality is now being rolled out to all users worldwide. Regardless, we may anticipate a gradual rollout to YouTube TV customers. You may head over to the Apple App store to check for any new updates available.

Picture-in-picture for regular YouTube content is also in the testing phase with its premium users, but the function has not yet been rolled out to individuals who do not have a subscription. Google, on the other hand, has stated that picture-in-picture capability would be available to all YouTube users in the near future.