iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Users Face Serious Charging Problem, Apple Just Confirmed the Issue

Over a hundred users are facing charging issue with their new Apple devices. The company has quietly confirmed the issue and has rolled out a fix.


Tech giant Apple has recently released its 2018 iPhone line up in its September event and the smartphones have been making headlines because of their designs, specifications, additional features and pricing. And, now they are in talks due to technical issues faced by their owners. There have been reports of users facing a serious charging problem with iPhone XS and XS Max and Apple has just confirmed it.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Users Facing Charging Issues

One of the major selling points behind the new iPhone series is the pricing. While Apple got that right, but the smartphones ship with a very basic flaw. As many as 100 users have reported their iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have rejected charging or have been charging way too slow. An iPhone XS Max user reported on Twitter “It’s really worrying if the most expensive phone on the planet can’t get something as basic as charging right. Despite waking up the @Apple #iPhoneXSMax there’s no sign of charging. The least Apple can do is acknowledge the issue. Over 100 people facing this issue can’t be wrong”.

The baffled customers have reported the issue across different channels like Reddit, MacRumors forums, Apple Support Communities, and even YouTube. Some of the users have complained that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max refuse to charge if they are plugged into a wall charger in standby mode. Furthermore, some of the devices completely freeze when plugged and need to be reset.

Interestingly, some users have found a temporary workaround to the problem. Apparently, flipping the lightning cable helps and so does wireless charger. But, wireless charging affects the battery life in the long run and flipping the cable does not fit the standard procedure.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Charging Issue Apple Acknowledges

Apple has quietly confirmed the issue. The company released iOS 12.1 beta 2 yesterday, on October 02 and iFan site iMore took no time announcing that update includes a fix for the charging issues introduced in iOS 12. Note that the company has not released any official software notes. So basically, Apple has rolled out a solution without actually having to address the issue. The iMore promotes the new update and mentions, “With it, no more delay or uncertainty about charging. You’ll be back to just plugging it in and getting power.” 

However, the site editor also confirms that the final release will not arrive before the end of October. But the upside is that some of the affected devices have got back to normal charging after the initial iOS 12.1 trials. While the issue would possibly resolve soon after the update, users are disappointed in the tech giant for not handling the issue directly. After multiple complaints across different platforms and YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger’s efforts on bringing the issue to light, the problem is getting a fix. For those looking forward to the iPhone XR, the timing of the bug could not be better. The cheaper iPhone model comes with a superior battery life to its other variants.


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