Jio Phone, Jio Phone 2 With Jio Media Cable Now Disrupting DTH, Other Online Streaming Services

The Jio Media Cable is expected to be available for purchase in India soon. As for the price, the Jio Media Cable will have a maximum retail price of Rs.1,499.


Reliance Jio is soon expected to launch the Jio Media Cable in India, which will allow owners of the Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 to stream live TV and movies on their TV sets. While Jio is also expected to roll out its DTH services in the country sometime in the near future, the launch of the Jio Media cable also has the potential of disrupting the DTH business in India. In terms of pricing, the Jio Media Cable will carry a maximum retail price (MRP) of Rs.1,499 in India. However, there is no word yet on when exactly the Jio Media Cable will go on sale in the country.

Jio Media Cable Will Let You Enjoy Live TV & Movies on a CRT or Smart TV

The Jio Media Cable will allow Jio Phone (review) owners to cast the content being shown on the JioTV and JioCinema apps on to their TV. However, it is not just Smart TVs that will be supported by Jio Media Cable. People who still own old CRT TVs will also be able to stream Live TV and movies using the Jio Media cable, similar to how devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick allow non-smart TVs to access online streaming services. While Reliance Jio is yet to confirm any details, we don’t expect the telco to charge an additional fee from users in order to use the Jio Media Cable. They will only have to pay for the cost of the Jio Media Cable. Since the JioTV app offers access to over 600 channels, it would certainly make sense for some Jio Phone owners to switch to using the Jio Media Cable to watch live TV and movies at home instead of paying an additional amount each month to their DTH service provider. The fact that the Jio Phone is the best-selling feature phone in the country should also help drive the adoption of the Jio Media Cable in semi-urban and rural households.

How will the Jio Media Cable Work?

The Jio Media Cable will be available in two variants. While the Jio Media Cable in Blue coloured packaging will have an RCA connector for CRT TVs, the one in Red coloured packaging will be intended for LCD TVs with an HDMI port. To get started, you will need to connect the device bundled in the packaging to your TV using the cable provided. Next, you will have to add the power connection to the device and then connect your Jio Phone or Jio Phone 2 to it. Once you are done, you will be able to cast content using the JioTV or JioCinema apps on your Jio Phone. To switch between channels, you can either navigate directly from within the JioTV app or press the right/left navigation buttons on the phone. The volume can be adjusted using the up/down buttons on the Jio Phone. If you wish to watch movies on your TV using the Jio Media Cable, you can choose from the rich selection available in the JioCinema app. For a demonstration of how the Jio Media Cable works, you can check out the video below.