Krafton Announces BGMI x Aston Martin Collaboration, Set to Drop Soon In-Game

Krafton has officially revealed BGMI x Aston Martin collaboration and is set to arrive soon.

  • Krafton has confirmed the Aston Martin and BGMI collaboration via social media’s post on August 25.
  • The collaboration will bring exclusive Aston Martin supercar skins like Valkyrie, DBX707, and Volante to BGMI.
  • The developers are yet to announce an official release date.

BGMI fans are in for a special treat as Krafton has announced a collaboration with a prominent luxury car manufacturer and this time they are partnering up with Aston Martin. The announcement was made through the game’s official social media handles and the BGMI x Aston Martin collaboration is dropping soon.

The exciting partnership between BGMI and Aston Martin will bring a variety of special Aston Martin automobile skins to the game, allowing players to cruise around the battlefield of BGMI in visually appealing and luxurious cars. The precise release date has yet to be announced.

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BGMI X Aston Martin Collaboration Announced

bgmi x aston martin

Aston Martin is a modern, elite sports vehicle brand with a distinct legacy that is easily recognizable across the world. Aston Martin, founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, is recognized as an iconic global brand associated with style, luxury, performance, and exclusivity.

The company is known for high-class vehicles beginning somewhere near to Rs 3 Crore for the base and cheapest model, the Vantage, and Rs 3.82 Crore for the most costly model, the DBX.  The official Instagram account of BGMI posted a teaser photograph of an Aston Martin automobile with the tagline “Ready to drive the power?”

This collaboration’s main highlight is the inclusion of Aston Martin cars in the game. Each will have distinct colour schemes that will only be available in the game’s virtual world. PUBG Mobile has earlier collaborated with Aston Martin, the global variant of BGMI. BGMI fans have been longing for the cooperation to be launched into Battlegrounds Mobile India ever since. Under this collaboration, three cars were brought in PUBG Mobile and we expect the same will also jump into BGMI.

The DBX707 is a powerful but luxury SUV that combines style and off-road capability. It’s the ideal vehicle for navigating diverse battlefield terrains. The magnificent DBS Volante in BGMI brings a gorgeous grand tourer (GT) with breathtaking design and tremendous speed that gives unrivalled thrills during heated in-game pursuits.  It will surely make gaming more difficult and stressful for players. 

The amazing Valkyrie, a supercar designed to push performance boundaries, will now grace the virtual roadways of this battle royale game.  The Valkyrie, with its aerodynamic shape and tremendous acceleration, will certainly become the ideal vehicle for anyone looking for the utmost edge in BGMI.

This is not the first time Krafton and Aston Martin have partnered; they previously added three vehicles to the game, the DBX707, the DBS Volante, and the Valkyrie. Each vehicle has a unique colour scheme that was created just for the game. This is not the first supercar collaboration for BGMI as well. BGMI has previously worked with a variety of automobile manufacturers, including Lamborghini, Bugatti, and others.

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