Krafton BGMI Power Play IPL 2022 Announced: Brings Permanent Cricket Jersey and More

The Power Play Event will be live until May 25 2022.


In celebration of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022, Krafton has announced the BGMI Power Play Event. The event will give players a shot at bagging themselves a cricket jersey permanently. The outfit can be won by playing BGMI and completing specific challenges in-game till 25 May, 2022.

In order to get the exclusive outfit and other rewards in the game, players will have to earn “Cricket Bats”, a new in-game commodity that can be acquired through the completion of challenges. The two challenges needed to win “Cricket Bats” are “Keep Swimming” and “Power Play Battle”.

Finishing the specified challenges in these events will reward players with Cricket Bats, which can be exchanged to win multiple rewards such as the aforementioned Cricket Jersey, the Fluffly Rabit Set, and more.

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How to Win the Cricket Jersey in the BGMI Power Play Event?



  • 5 Bats – Supply Crate Coupon Scrap
  • 10 Bats – 1 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • 20 Bats – 50 RP
  • 100 Bats – Fluffy Rabit Set
  • 100 Bats – Cricket Jersey


  • Keep Swimming – Swim 30 Metres in Classic Mode Every Day (1 Bat)
  • Keep Swimming – Swim 10 Metres in Classic Mode Every Day (1 Bat)
  • Power Play Battle – Play Classic Mode 25 Times (50 Bats)
  • Power Play Battle – Play Classic Mode 15 Times (30 Bats)
  • Power Play Battle – Play Classic Mode 5 Times (10 Bats)

The completion of these challenges will give players enough bats to bag the rewards mentioned above. The BGMI Power Play Event will only be live until May 25 and the Bats can be only redeemed until then.

Once players have enough Bats to claim the Cricket Jersey, they can do so from the BGMI Power Play page in-game. Players can only redeem the Cricket Jersey in the game.

Krafton has been actively holding these event-specific events to engage its sizeable audience in the Indian market. The Power Play Event is probably a sign of other major sports crossover events to come.