Leaked Lenovo Legion Go Images Reveal Steam Deck-Like Design With Switch-Like Removable Controllers

Lenovo Legion Go is the second rumoured handheld console from Lenovo after the now-shelved Android-based Legion Play.

  • Lenovo Legion Go images leaked, revealing the handheld console in all its glory.
  • Unlike the rumoured Legion Play from a couple of years ago, the handheld console is in the works.
  • The images reveal a Steam Deck-inspired design with Nintendo Switch-like removable joy cons.

Lenovo Legion Go is the next big launch in the pipeline for the handheld console industry. And no, it’s not just a rumour like the Legion Play that was scheduled for MWC 2021 launch but was unceremoniously shelved instead. Windows Report has reported that the Legion Go is very much in the works and shared exclusive images of the upcoming gaming handheld console.

According to the report, Lenovo intends to take on Nintendo Switch, Valve Steam Deck, and ASUS ROG Ally with its upcoming launch, and it’s evident from the design of the device. Let’s look at the leaked images and the various design elements of the upcoming Lenovo handheld gaming console.  

Lenovo Legion Go Leaked Images Reveal a Familiar Design

Thanks to the leaked images by Windows Report, we know that Lenovo is soon launching its Valve Steam Deck competitor. However, the design reveals that the Chinese brand is cherry-picking design elements from its competitors like Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. The resulting design is the best of both worlds. Moreover, unlike the recently launched ASUS ROG Ally (review), Lenovo is not shying away from a chunky build, which could result in a bigger batter. Notably, ASUS ROG Ally has been criticised for poor battery backup.

At first glance, the Lenovo Legion Go doesn’t look all that different from the Steam Deck, except for the removable Switch-like controllers. However, upon closer inspection, you can pick out differences like the single touchpad on the right controller, unlike Steam Deck with touch pads on both sides. The shoulder triggers are standard, but there are additional triggers on the back and a wheel on the back of the right controller.

Speaking of the back, the Legion Go is sporting a wide kickstand to prop up the 8-inch display to play games with removable controllers. Regarding I/O ports, the device seems to feature a USB-C port on the bottom and the top, a power button, a 3.5mm headphone jack, volume buttons, and a microSD card slot. The top edge houses four massive heat vents for effective thermal management.

Windows Report states that the handheld console will run on the Windows 11 OS. It means that any Windows-compatible AAA titles can be played on the Legion Go as long as the system requirements are met. The leak states that the Legion Go could be powered by the same AMD processors seen on the ROG Ally. Lastly, since the controllers are removable, the leak predicts that the display will have a touchscreen panel, making it a delight to use with Windows 11’s touchscreen interface.

As of now, there’s no word on the device’s pricing and specifications. But we should get to know more in the coming days.