Lenovo Laptops Powered by Intel 9th Generation Processors Are Coming Soon, 3 Variants Revealed

A Lenovo IdeaPad listing suddenly had the choice of the latest 9th Gen Intel Core i Processors. Could Intel and Lenovo have accelerated deployment?


Lenovo laptops will soon arrive with the latest 9th Generation of Intel Core i Processors. The powerful processors could be integrated in the popular Lenovo IdeaPad Series first, before moving onto the other series.

Lenovo laptops with the current and equally powerful 8th Generation Intel Core i Processors are already available. In fact, Lenovo actively offers buyers the portable computing devices with the 8th Gen chipsets. However, three new processors belonging to the next-gen Intel Core i Series were seen in the specifications’ sheet of one of the Lenovo IdeaPad Series laptop, strongly indicating the Chinese electronics giant could soon ship laptops with the latest Intel processors.

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9th Generation Intel Core i Processors In Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop

Three new processors recently appeared on a spec sheet for the Lenovo IdeaPad S530-13IWL. Incidentally, the laptop ships with 8th Gen processors. However, the image clearly shows i7-9550U, i5-9250U and i3-9130U processor options. Needless to say, these new entries belong to the 9th Generation Intel Core i Processors.

Lenovo IdeaPad S530 Listing 9th Gen Intel Core i Processors
[Image Credit: Tom’s Hardware]
The presence of the new chips also indicates the Lenovo IdeaPad S530 will offer both sets of processors. In other words, Lenovo could offer the IdeaPad laptop with a choice of 8th Gen or 9th Gen Intel Processors. This could mean the 8th Generation and the 9th Generation could be near identical in their physical architecture. The 9th Gen Intel chips just might have identical or near similar pin layout or this could merely mean Lenovo could be gradually shifting to the next generation of Intel processors and the IdeaPad Series is in a transition phase.

9th Generation Intel Core i Processors Differ In Architecture

Incidentally, the next-gen Intel Core i Processors are under active development. Moreover, a few companies, including desktop and laptop makers are reportedly testing the platform rigorously. However, there’s still a considerable amount of time before these processors are commonplace in laptops and PCs.

According to consistent reports, large-scale commercial production of 9th Gen Intel Core i Processors should begin in the first quarter of next year. In extension, the latest Intel chips would release to PC makers in the second quarter of 2019. Surprisingly, reports indicate these chips are quad-core. Moreover, they have a exceptionally low TDP of just 15W, and pack 2MB of cache per core. In simple words, despite offering powerful computing capabilities, these new Intel chips are surprisingly energy efficient. As a result, buyers purchasing laptops with 9th Gen Intel Core i Processors should get exceptional battery endurance and longer screen-on times.

Intel's 9th Gen CPU

Owing to the similarities and the appearance of the next-gen Intel chips in Lenovo IdeaPad Series laptops, enthusiasts speculate these could be the Intel’s “Ice Lake” chips which are supposedly fabricated on the 10nm fabrication process. However, cautious adopters claim the processors could belong to the Comet Lake.

Some clues may lie in the Lenovo IdeaPad S530 listing itself. Observers have pointed out that the Lenovo laptop also contains the moniker “131WL”. The naming could mean Intel Whiskey Lake, which are indeed the company’s 8th Gen processors. However, there’s nothing indicating the lineage of the 9th Gen Intel Core i Processors in the Lenovo laptop.