Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Live Images Leaked Online, Reveals New Cooling System

The Lenovo Legion 2 Pro appears to be taking the liberties of being a gaming phone quite heartily, with a design that borders on bizarre.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro

The Lenovo Legion 2 Pro is an upcoming gaming smartphone that is slated to be launched officially in China on April 8th. Now, days ahead of its official launch, a set of live images seem to have revealed the smartphone in full details, including – crucially – its rear panel. The reason why the latter is so important is because it reveals a rather unorthodox design that certainly borders on being bizarre, in more ways than one. The images also reveal a new cooling system onboard the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro, showing a new cooling fan and dual vents, among other particulars.

In terms of the overall design, the Legion 2 Pro’s back panel appears to be split into three parts. The two parts on either ends have a shimmery finish, with what looks like an embossed pattern on the side edges. At the centre of the rear panel, Lenovo has included a panel that stands out with its gradient finish that looks nearly iridescent, along with the Legion logo at the centre that appears to be backlit with an underlying LED. Although the logo appears with a single LED colour in all the leaked images, we’re betting that Lenovo might allow users to custom-light the rear logo the way Asus does with its ROG Phone series.

What really catches the eyeball, though, is the cooling system. To the bottom of the central panel is a full-fledged cooling fan, and the side girders of the panel also appear to have one cooling vent on each end that will dissipate heat in long gaming sessions. This central panel also has a two cameras and an LED flash on it, which too is unconventional to say the least. What’s important to note here is that the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro is not in the early stages of development, and the shared images aren’t concept renders – but are most likely the real deal. In other words, Lenovo may just have taken a big bet by breaking the design convention, and it will be interesting to see if the latter works out.

The Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will have ergonomics on its side, since gamers typically hold phones in horizontal orientation. The new cooling system, if true, will ensure that a player’s hands do not cover the vents at all, hence giving way to unhindered cooling during peak performance gaming sessions. It is not clear if Lenovo will also include a liquid cooling system inside to take things up by another notch. However, users with a perceived problem of trypophobia may not find the addition of the cooling fan aesthetically appealing, even though the Legion 2 Pro’s design appears to be undeniably quirky.

Among other things, the Legion 2 Pro is also slated to feature a side-mounted pop-out camera facing the front, which means that the display will remain unhindered. This works under the assumption that gamers would be more inclined towards unperturbed screen space than a front camera, which is an interesting take to say the least. The Lenovo Legion 2 Pro has been tipped to feature a 6.92-inch display with 144Hz refresh rate and 720Hz touch latency, as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, a 64MP rear shooter, a 44MP front camera and a 5,500mAh battery.

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