Lenovo Z5s Leaked in a New Hands-On Video, Reveals In-Display Camera Hole; To Launch in December

The upcoming Lenovo Z5s will have a unique design according to a leaked hands-on video, which shows an In-display camera hole at the front, which is a design change that will increase the overall screen-to-body ratio


The Lenovo Z5s which will have a vastly superior design compared to the Lenovo Z5, all thanks to its higher screen-to-body ratio. According to a leaked hands-on video, it will ditch the bezels at the top and employ a single camera hole to maximize that screen real estate while keeping the footprint of the device small. This is just one of the many unique ways manufacturers using to eliminate the bezels as much as possible.

From introducing the notch to reducing it to a teardrop form factor, and going the distance by incorporating a sliding camera, every phone maker is attempting something new. For the Lenovo Z5s, this might be the smartest implementation of increasing that screen percentage. Let us take a closer look at this video and see what’s changed about this phone’s design.

Lenovo Z5s In-Display Camera Hole to Be Placed Right in the Middle

The leaked hands-on video shows how the person gripping the Lenovo Z5s will be able to browse its interface. As you can see, the In-display camera hole is smack in the top middle part of the display. When exploring this design change, the location of the camera hole is going to be important. For example, Samsung and Huawei are expected to position this In-display camera towards the top corner of the display, so it does not get in the way of the user’s experience.

There are going to be advantages and disadvantages for placing a hole right in the middle. If you can tell from the video, the camera does not disturb the status bar, and if you’ve initiated a video call on your smartphone before, you’ll know this is an ideal camera position. Notebook computers have their webcam placed right in the middle, so Lenovo is following the same approach.

However, notifications that display a text preview in the status bar such as a WhatsApp message will get obscured, or at least part of it. While this is not going to be a deal-breaker for a lot of people, it will appear as an annoyance, which you cannot get rid of. Sadly, manufacturers have yet to implement a technology that will allow the front camera to hide completely beneath the display, as in-screen fingerprint readers do right now.

The bezels of the Lenovo Z5s appear very uniform from all sides, improving its aesthetics. Also, the person using the phone does not seem to have issues scrolling on the device or use its gestures. Hopefully, the In-display camera will not get in the way of everyday use.

Lenovo Z5s Expected Launch to Take Place in December

With an expected launch in December, it will be interesting to check out the design of the smartphone. Perhaps, the biggest rumor is that the Lenovo Z5s will feature a Snapdragon 8150, allowing it to take on the likes of the Huawei Mate 20 (First Impressions, Unboxing) and iPhone XS (review). A different rumor claims it will be fuelled by the less powerful Snapdragon 675, so we’ll have to wait for the launch to conclude to find out more. The Lenovo Z5s is also expected to get a triple-camera upgrade at the back, along with a large 6.3-inch display.

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