Lenovo Z5s to Reportedly Pack Snapdragon 675 Chipset, In-display Camera; Expected to Launch Soon

A leaked image of the Lenovo Z5S reveals a new implementation of the front-facing camera. The device bears a hold at the top of the screen where the selfie camera is placed. The device is rumoured to launch soon with a triple-rear camera setup and the Snapdragon 675 SoC.


A new leaked image of the Lenovo Z5s has surfaced online. What’s particularly interesting about the image isn’t its bezel-less display but the circular cut-out on the front of the display. In all likelihood, the cut-out is used to house the front-facing camera of the smartphone. While this seems out of the ordinary, a few may have already anticipated it.

Recently, Apple filed a patent for an iPhone display with a hole on the screen. This seems to be a new trend which smartphone manufacturers are looking to adopt. What Lenovo has allegedly done to its Lenovo Z5s is what Samsung intends to do to its upcoming smartphones with its Infinity O design.

What To Expect With The Lenovo Z5S Phone?

This leak revealing the circular cut-out on the phone’s display isn’t the first leak surrounding the Lenovo Z5s. The smartphone has appeared in numerous leaks, with the device even receiving 3C and MIIT certifications. The device in question allegedly bears the model number L78071 and seems to be quite promising in terms of its hardware specifications. If this is true and the device does have a hole in the display housing the front-facing camera, it will be the first-ever smartphone to do so. If you didn’t already know, this new technology of having a hole in the screen is an upcoming one and is possibly going to set the trend for the smartphones of 2019.

According to recent leaks, the Lenovo Z5s will sport a 6.3-inch display. The device is rumoured to be powered by the Snapdragon 675 SoC. The Snapdragon 675 is an octa-core CPU paired with an Adreno 612 GPU and is based on the 11nm manufacturing process. Keeping all this in mind, the Lenovo Z5s is bound to be the phone to compete with. Rumour has it that the device will be equipped with a triple rear-camera setup, making this the first Lenovo smartphone to feature this kind of a camera setup.

Unfortunately, the device will not feature the in-screen fingerprint sensor. If the rumours are true, it will have a rear-mounted fingerprint reader like most 2017 smartphones. This is definitely going to be one of its main drawbacks as most flagship devices in 2019 are expected to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. The Lenovo Z5s will also probably feature a 3210mAh battery and hopefully be launched with Android 9.0 Pie. Courtesy of a teaser poster, we even have a rumoured launch date for the smartphone. The Lenovo Z5s is expected to launch this December. However, it’s uncertain if the device will be released globally or if it will be confined to the Chinese smartphone market.

Why Have A Cut-Out On The Screen?

Gone are the days of smartphones having large bezels. 2018 saw a growing trend popularized by the iPhone X. The famous notch made itself a characteristic trait of smartphones in 2018, serving as a means of providing users with more screen size. However, a new technology has surfaced whereby manufacturers will cut a hole in the screen of the smartphone for housing the front-facing camera as well as other sensors. The idea behind this is to get rid of the controversial notch and replace it with a more aesthetically pleasing and functional solution.

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