Lexar 512GB Is World’s Highest Capacity MicroSD Card With UHS-I A2 Rating

The Lexar 512GB 633x microSDXC UHS-I card is the world's highest capacity microSD card. It sports top-end specifications about read and write speeds including A2 for faster loading of apps and games.


Lexar introduced 512GB Lexar 633x microSDXC UHS-I card late last month. Although the name may sound a little complicated, it is essentially the world’s highest capacity microSD card. Incidentally, Lexar has officially launched the data storage and retrieval medium in the market. In other words, interested buyers can easily add 512GB of high speed microSD card to their devices, provide they are supported.

There are not one but two world’s highest-capacity 512GB microSD cards in the market. Integral Memory Plc., a company that may not be a household name, has a 512GB microSD card. In fact, the company is the world’s first to introduce the world’s highest-capacity miniature flash-based data storage medium. But Lexar has been quick to follow. Moreover, the Lexar 633x microSDXC UHS-I card is not only has the world’s highest capacity, it is also the world’s first 512GB microSD card to support the newly introduced Application Performance Class 1 (A2). Let’s look at the specifications and features of the Lexar 512GB microSD card.

Lexar 633x microSDXC UHS-I card Specifications, Features

As mentioned above, the Lexar 521GB microSD card is the world’s first to support the A2 requirements from the latest SD Association’s 6.0 specifications. Compared to the prevalent A1 specifications, the A2 requirements are quite stringent to ensure the microSD cards help launch and load apps faster.

Lexar 512GB 633x microSDXC UHS-I card
[Image Credit: Lexar via FoneArena]
In terms of actual numbers, the Lexar 512GB 633x microSDXC UHS-I card can support a read speed of up to 100MB per second. Buyers can write data at up to 70MB per second. The card supports the A2 specifications which allows the new card to manage random Read input-output access per second (IOPS) of 4000 and Write IOPS of 2000.

As per the UHS-I (U3), V30, the Lexar 512GB microSD card is a Class 10 in speed rating. The miniature flash-based data storage and retrieval medium sports the standard dimensions of 11mm x 15mm x 1 mm. The company is offering a pretty standard limited lifetime warranty.

Lexar 633x microSDXC UHS-I card Price, Availability

Lexar has already launched the high capacity microSD card commercially. That means interested buyers can purchase the card. However, given the world’s highest capacity and the super-high speed rating, the Lexar 633x microSDXC UHS-I card doesn’t come cheap.

Lexar has priced the 512GB microSD card at $ 299.99, which roughly translates to Rs. 22,000 in India. The company actively promoted the microSD card at the PhotoPlus Expo held at Javits Convention Center in New York City.

The Lexar 633x microSDXC UHS-I card could be used in smartphones, but the devices must support the standard. Smartphone makers embed a microSD card module that can only support cards up to a certain memory. Several smartphones max out at 400GB, but some premium, high-end flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 support up to 512GB cards.

While the Lexar 512GB card could be inserted in compatible smartphones, it is quite apparent Lexar has developed the microSD card for professional photographers and multimedia creators that require a high-capacity removable storage that can quickly store ultra-high definition video and photographs.