LG Launches New QNED Mini LED TVs, Brings Dolby Vision HDR to 2021 OLEDs: Price, Specs

The 2021 LG OLEDs can now make the most of new gen gaming consoles, while the new mini LED TVs are new additions to the company's lineup.

LG QNED mini LED TV launch

LG has launched three new mini LED TV lineups, alongside introducing one new feature that will roll out as a software update to existing flagship OLED TVs, and be part of new and upcoming TVs as well. The new TV range includes two 8K ranges – QNED95 and QNED99, and a 4K range – the QNED90. The screen sizes in the three new mini LED TV ranges start from 65 inches, and go all the way up to 86 inches. The new feature, meanwhile, adds Dolby Vision HDR technology to existing 4K TVs whose panels support up to 120fps frame rates. While the mini LED range will give flagship TV buyers a new range to consider, the addition of Dolby Vision HDR will also come to a select number of already launched LG OLED TVs – something that Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 owners and potential buyers would really appreciate.

LG QNED mini LED TVs: price and availability

The exact prices for the new LG QNED mini LED TVs are not out yet, but a report by The Verge has pointed at ballpark prices for the lineups. According to the report, the 4K QNED90 range will seemingly top at $4,000 (approx. Rs 2.97 lakh) for the 86-inch screen size, which means that the basic 65-inch QNED90 mini LED model would also not be inexpensive, by any means. The range will seemingly top with the 86-inch LG QNED99 mini LED TV, which may cost $8,000 (approx. Rs 5.95 lakh). The new TVs will launch in North America in the coming days, and while global availability has not been announced yet, reports suggest that LG will announce launch schedules in various markets in the coming weeks.

Key specifications

As part of the new mini LED TVs, LG promises “deeper blacks, and more accurate colour reproduction with greater contrast and brightness.” The lineup seemingly features “100 percent colour volume and consistency,” and are powered by the company’s Quantum Dot NanoCell pixel tech. The key benefit of a mini LED TV is the micro-control of brightness and contrast, which can potentially produce deeper blacks and more natural bright shades. Despite the massive screen sizes, LG claims that the TVs offer no colour distortion all through the panel, which ensures wide viewing areas.

Dolby Vision HDR support

Alongside the launch, LG has also confirmed that its 2021 OLED TVs, such as the LG C1 and G1, will get a firmware update that will give the TVs support for Dolby Vision HDR content. The TVs already are among the few that support 4K natively at 120fps, and adding new support ensures that these TVs are probably the only ones commercially available right now, which tick all the checkboxes to support both 4K 120fps, and Dolby Vision HDR. LG has further confirmed that the new feature will come to more of its TV lineup launched in 2021, in the coming weeks.

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