LG Convertible Refrigerator Range With WiFi, AI Features Launched In India: Check Prices

LG is among the top brands among Indian users when it comes to refrigerators.

  • LG launches convertible side-by-side refrigerator with Wi-Fi
  • LG’s new refrigerators can be accessed remotely using the LG ThinQ app
  • Price in India starts from 1,22,999

LG has unveiled its new convertible side-by-side refrigerator with Wi-Fi, which will allow users to access the fridge from anywhere using the LG ThinQ app. LG has announced nine models under its 2023 Wi-Fi convertible side-by-side refrigerator range. The appliances will be available in matt and glass finish options. The refrigerator models, with a capacity of 650 litres, will sell starting at Rs 1,22,999. The most expensive model in the series will be priced at Rs 1,52,999.

The LG ThinQ app lets users control settings as well as the temperatures of the refrigerator, even when they are away from the appliance. The freezer can be converted into a fridge as well, using the app. 

Smart Learner Powered by AI

LG refrigerators offer the Smart Learner feature, which is backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It essentially optimises the cooling by analysing the usage pattern of the refrigerator. The feature takes the help of different algorithms to monitor the hourly, daily, as well as weekly data of the refrigerator.

LG Side-by-Side Refrigerators: More Features

In addition, the side-by-side refrigerator range by LG also comes with a Hygiene Fresh+ air filter, which the company says reduces the activity of bacteria inside the fridge by up to 99.99 per cent. The DoorCooling+ technology is said to prolong the freshness of items inside the refrigerator by offering fast cooling. 

Then there’s the Smart Diagnosis technology, which according to LG, enhances troubleshooting and maintenance. It does so by allowing the fridge to communicate directly with the LG customer support centre. The refrigerators also offer Smart Inverter Compressor, which helps in optimising the cooling performance, which boosts energy efficiency.

The multi-air flow system by LG is designed to maintain a consistent temperature inside the fridge by distributing the cool air uniformly. LG said in a press release that this prevents temperature fluctuations in addition to preserving the quality of items stored inside the fridge. There’s also a dedicated wine rack inside the fridge.

LG Among Top Brands in India for Refrigerators

LG is among the top brands among Indian users when it comes to refrigerators. In a recent survey by MySmartPrice in collaboration with Counterpoint Research, which focussed on the home appliance category, close to 22.6 percent of participants said that LG was their preferred brand when buying a refrigerator. The latest launch by LG falls in line with the festive sale season in India as 17 per cent of respondents in the survey said they plan to buy a home appliance product in the upcoming sales.

“With the ability to be operated remotely through the LG ThinQ app, this refrigerator ushers in a new era of flexibility and control. Whether converting your freezer to a fridge while at work or adjusting temperature settings from the comfort of your couch, the Wi-Fi Convertible Refrigerator seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle,” Hyoung Subji, Director of Home Appliances & Air Conditioners at LG Electronics, said in a press release.