LG Foldable Display Has a New Material That Can Fold Both Ways and Leaves No Creases

The new LG foldable display is reportedly super thin and light, and while it is as hard as glass, it can also be as flexible as plastic.


There’s a new LG foldable display in the market, and it claims to have hit the magic balance between durability, flexibility and clarity that can catapult foldable smartphones to the next level. The company has called it ‘Real Folding Window’, and while technical details have largely been withheld for now, the LG foldable display states that it uses a “new material” that has helped the company strike this balance. In process, this will seemingly enable foldable phones to flex both ways, and add to the durability process as well.

According to the company, the new LG foldable display takes a PET film, which is a composite material that’s more than plastic but not quite glass, and applies a new material on either sides of this film. This material is then placed on a flexible display panel, and the entire new setup will apparently be able to flip, flex and fold both ways. The new material that’s applied to the film will apparently make this entire setup additionally durable, according to reports on the new LG foldable display.

If this does hold true, then it may beckon a new era of foldable phones. Samsung, with its latest third generation foldable phones under the Galaxy Z series, introduced additional durability and water resistance to its foldable phones, hence marking progress. However, folding displays still end up registering a crease where it is folded, and is far from being the most durable. As a result, it may not be the most reliable on overall terms in terms of future proofing. Given that foldable phones are expected to hit 50 million devices by 2026, such display panel tech should be crucial in the long run.

LG has said that the foldable display will be made commercially available by 2023, and it has already courted interest from multiple clients, although it hasn’t mentioned which OEMs were they. Nevertheless, it has also said that the display will feature in tablets and laptops soon after being made available for foldable phones, leaving the future of folding hardware an interesting one to look forward to, at the very least.