LG Velvet 4G and New OPPO Smartphones Bag Bluetooth SIG Certification

Two new smartphones from LG and Oppo are on the way.

LG Velvet

The LG Velvet had made its debut last month and it is the first new smartphone from the brand after a long time. One of the highlights of the LG Velvet is that it comes with 5G connectivity. However, we recently learned that LG will be launching a 4G version of the Velvet as well, thanks to its Geekbench and FCC listings. Today, we have some more information regarding the LG Velvet 4G. We have now spotted a certification of the LG Velvet on the Bluetooth SIG platform. In addition, we have come across a Bluetooth SIG certification of another unannounced LG phone, the Q0420. Let us have a look.

LG Velvet 4G and Q0420 get Bluetooth SIG certification

LG Velvet 4G and Q042 Bluetooth SIG certification

From the leaks of the LG Velvet 4G that we have so far, we know that its model number is LM-G910EMW. And that is the same model that has been certified through Bluetooth SIG today. According to the certification of the LG Velvet 4G, it has Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity.

Coming to the LG Q0420, this is the first time we are hearing about this device. In the past, an LG phone bearing the model number Q0520 was leaked which was the LG Q52. So, it is possible that the Q0420 is LG Q42. Anyway, its Bluetooth SIG certification shows that the phone has Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity.

Oppo CPH2089 and CPH2091 get Bluetooth SIG certification

OPPO CPH2089 Bluetooth SIG

The two phones from LG aren’t the only smartphones that we have spotted on the Bluetooth SIG platform today. We have also come across two new and unannounced Oppo smartphones on the Bluetooth SIG platform, the CPH2089 and CPH2091. We haven’t heard of these models before. So, we don’t have an idea about what could be the retail name of these phones. The Bluetooth SIG certification of the CPH2089 reveals that the phone has 5G connectivity, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v5.1, and ColorOS 7.2. As for the CPH2091, its Bluetooth SIG certification reveals that the phone comes with Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity.

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