LG W10 To Allegedly Feature Dual-Camera Setup, LG W30 To Feature Triple-Camera Setup: Both Smartphones Will Feature Native Indian Languages

LG W-series smartphones teaser

The LG W-series is set to launch in India today at 11:30 AM. However, we have found some information about phones in the series ahead of today’s launch.

LG W10 Will Have Dual-Camera Setup and LG W30 Will Have Triple-Camera Setup

As you might already know, LG has posted a teaser image of the LG W-series on Amazon India and this teaser image shows that one of the W-series devices will have a triple-camera setup. Another live image of a W-series smartphone was leaked earlier, and it showed that the W-series smartphone will have a dual-camera setup. Now, thanks to recent leaks and rumors, we know that LG will launch two smartphones under the W-series – the LG W10 and the LG W30.

What we did not know was which smartphone will have a dual-camera setup and which smartphone will have a triple-camera setup. Well, our source, Mukul Sharma, has cleared the confusion. According to him, the LG W10 will feature a dual-camera setup and the LG W30 will have a triple-camera setup. So, the smartphone that’s in the teaser images on Amazon India is indeed the LG W30. These teaser images showed that the W-series smartphone will have a wide-angle camera, and now we can confirm that the smartphone showcased with the wide-angle lens is none other than the LG W30.

LG W10 And LG W30 Will Feature Native Indian Languages

Apart from the camera setup, Mukul has revealed it to us that the LG W10 and the LG W30 will feature support for native Indian languages including Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, and Telugu. Moreover, Mukul has also revealed the names of some of the pre-loaded apps on the W10 and the W30. According to him, both smartphones will come pre-loaded with LG Gift Pack, LG My Wellness, LH Memo Plus, LG Remote Call, LG Smart World, and LG Weather.

LG W30 Will Go on Sale Starting 15th And 16th Of July

As we reported yesterday, the LG W30 will be available on Amazon India starting 15th and 16th of July. There is, however, no information regarding the sale date of the LG W10 yet. Well, it is just a matter of hours until LG reveals its W-series lineup, where the brand will reveal the exact launch date and pricing of W-series smartphones.

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