LG Wing Ushers in a Whole New Industrial Design for Dual-Screen Form Factors

A smartphone straight from the future.


While most manufacturers tinkle with the underlying hardware of their smartphones to stand out, LG wanted to reinvent how smartphones themselves are designed. The result is the new LG Wing 5G. The smartphone not only includes the next-generation connectivity support, it rocks a whole new industrial design for dual-screen form factors.

The LG Wing 5G, as the name suggests opens up like a bird flapping its wings. With two displays placed on top of each other, a simple swipe on the right edge of the phone swivels out the second screen, turning into a gadget never seen before in the real world.

The LG Wing 5G rocks a primary 6.8-inch FullVision P-OLED Display along with a 3.9-inch G-OLED sub-display which swivels out from the body. The two displays are housed in a IP54 splash proof chassis with MIL-STD 810G durability certification. Inside, there is the capable Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G along with 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage.

Phone With a Wing

It’s the swivel mechanism that makes the LG Wing 5G so special. It’s the first of its kind and the swivel action feels quite mechanically sound. In a smooth motion, the second screen swivels out, starting out fast and slowing down as the screen slides into position. The mechanism feels solid thanks to the use of hydraulic dampers that slows down the impact, and locks that keep the second screen solidly held in the horizontal state. LG claims the swivel hinge has been tested for 200,000 cycles of use which should be enough to cover the phone’s lifetime.

Multitasking Gets a Whole New Meaning

But apart from it being an attractive new design, the swivel-out second display also has interesting new use cases which makes watching videos, playing games and shooting videos a lot more engaging and intuitive.

For instance, the multiscreen enable in-app extension, which allows users to watch a movie on the horizontal screen, and chat with their friends on the vertical screen. The horizontal display can also be used for browsing the web, where the vertical display becomes your keyboard to type out queries. The second screen can also be turned into a virtual trackpad spawning a mouse pointer allowing you to easily navigate in the Swivel mode.

The LG Wing 5G when docked in a car, can help you navigate on Google Maps on the horizontal screen while you change the music on the vertical screen. The smartphone allows you to launch any variation of apps on the two screens, and tailor your multitasking experience to your liking.

Shoot Like a Pro With the Gimbal Camera

Furthermore, having two displays in a T-shape makes it easier for content creators to shoot videos. The LG Wing 5G rocks a 64MP primary camera with f/1.8 lens along with two ultrawide cameras. On the front is a motorized pop-up 32MP selfie shooter.

The large main screen can be used to shoot while the horizontal screen is used for previews. There’s a gimbal camera on the phone which is controlled in the dual-screen mode. It can be used to lock the pan and tilt to keep the camera steady as you move it up or down. It can also pan follow an object with reduced shakes, and the form-factor makes it easier to shoot videos with a lot of movement. A joystick in the camera app makes it easier to navigate the camera while shooting videos.

Shoot Simultaneously From Both Front and Rear Cameras

The Snapdragon 765 is powerful enough to capture video from both the front and rear cameras making the LG Wing 5G ideal for recording reaction videos. There’s a 32MP motorised pop-up camera which springs to life when needed and delivers crisp output while recording videos. The LG Wing 5G also comes with its own video editor which makes full use of the multiscreen form factor.