LG Working on a Smartphone with 16-Camera Setup at the Back, Latest Patent Reveals

The cameras are arranged in the form of a matrix, placed beside a touchpad.


LG is known for introducing a lot of firsts in the smartphone industry. The Korean company keeps experimenting in the optics department and some have turned out successful. The latest from the company is a patent that reveals a device with 16 camera setup. LG received the patent earlier this week from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The smartphone industry is quickly picking up the trend of multiple camera arrangement or enhanced photography. While the rear dual-camera setup has become a mandate for devices in any price segment, OEMs are integrating as many as they can to differentiate themselves from the competition.

16 Lenses Arranged in a Matrix on the LG Handset

As revealed in the patent, the lenses on the smartphone are set up in the form of a matrix to take pictures from different angles. Interestingly, the camera arrangement offers various permutations to capture an image. You could simply use one lens out of 16 to take the shot or you can use multiple lenses to take the same image and then pick the one from the series of images captured at different angles. Furthermore, you can also amalgamate these images and create a moving picture.

LG is going all out with the camera on this upcoming device. It is amazing how the camera on a regular smartphone can offer so many possibilities. Speaking of possibilities, you also get the option to cut out a part of the image taken by one lens and replace it with the one taken by a different lens. Now, this is something to dig for the photography enthusiasts. So, that’s what we know about the back camera so far.

Moving on, there is a regular front camera on the smartphone for selfies and video calling purposes. However, you can take better selfies from the camera at the back as well. The rear camera arrangement comes with a flash and a mirror placed outside, which helps in clicking the image of the user in a self-portrait mode. The patent also mentions several other things like the potential integration of a touchpad or a speaker, placed beside the rear camera. It is worth noting that the camera arrangement could be used on an entirely different smartphone. So, the design in the patent does not refer to any upcoming offering from LG. The company got the patent for the camera technology and it is very likely that we see it on an entirely different design.

Multiple Camera Trend in the Smartphone Industry

The camera is one of the major highlights of a smartphone. Many a time, a device drives sale solely on the basis of its camera quality. Lately, we have seen handsets from different brands with multiple camera arrangements competing to get user attention. Recently, Samsung gathered headlines with the launch of its first quad-camera smartphone in India. Going by the name  Galaxy A9 (2018), the device will go on sale from November 28.

Furthermore, LG’s own flagship V40 ThinQ brings three cameras at the back and two at the front. Interestingly, the camera-centric device got its first update before the official launch. As you might have guessed, the update further enhanced the camera capabilities of the device. Next in line is HMD Global’s Nokia 9 PureView smartphone, which is all set to hit the shelves on December 5. The smartphone brings 5 cameras at the back, paired with a depth-sensor and a flash.