Made-In-India Battle Royale Indus Coming Soon to Fortnite With New Gameplay, Map, Modes And More

Indus is a battle royale game set a futurist India with an Indus Valley civilisation background.

  • Indus battle royale will soon be playable in Fortnite with a unique gameplay, map, modes, and more.
  • Supergaming announced the news at the India Game Developer Conference 2023 in Hyderabad.
  • Indus battle royale is speculated to be based on Indian civilisation with Hindu mythology-inspired characters.

The made-in-India cross-platform battle royale Indus will soon be available in Fortnite through creator mode. Developed by SuperGaming—the Pune-based studio behind MaskGun and Silly Royale— Indus is an Indian civilisation-based battle royale. Ahead of the festive season launch of the game, the studio is introducing the Indus gameplay in Fortnite soon with complete maps, modes, and more. SuperGaming has announced that the Indus in Fortnite has been developed by a two-woman team in 27 days using Epic Games’ Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) without any prior experience. Let’s take a look at all the details of Indus in Fortnite.

Indus is Coming to Fortnite Soon To Let Gamers Experience the Gameplay

According to Pune-based SuperGaming co-founder, Christelle D’Cruz, they learned, built, and created Indus for Fortnite with no prior experience. SuperGaming is banking on Fortnite’s popularity with 220 million monthly players worldwide. With this initiative, SuperGaming intends to get more global gamers to experience Indus and Indo-Futurism gameplay. It will also help the developer to get gamers’ thoughts and feedback on various aspects of the game and finetune the final gameplay ahead of the official launch of the Induds battle royale.

In the release shared by the developer, D’crus stated, “This will allow us to test Indus’ gameplay with external audiences faster and give more gamers a chance to experience Indo-Futurism through their game of choice — Fortnite.” While Indus is a standalone battle royale game, the Indus Mode in Fortnite is a separate experience designed for macOS and PC. Gamers will be able to experience the actual Indus gameplay along with the Cosmium-focussed win condition, which allows players to win by capturing this unique resource that manifests on the map.

SuperGaming has not yet revealed when Indus will land in Fortnite but we can expect it to arrive before its official launch. The battle royale game is slated to arrive on Android in the closed beta phase this festive season with the battle royale mode and key features previously teased by the developer. The game is currently available for pre-register for close beta on Play Store and SuperGaming has revealed that it has already clocked over 5 million pre-registrations so far. There’s no word on the iOS close beta yet since the beta testing on the platform is different from Android.

What is Indus Battle Royale Mobile?

The Indus Battle Royale Mobile is one of the most-anticipated made-in-India games set in a futurist India featuring an Indus Valley civilisation background. The gameplay combines the past and future of the Indian civilisation in a tasteful manner. It features characters named Rana, Sir Taj, Arya, and Adya, which are inspired by the Yaksha race. These characters are called mythwalkers in the game, who are hired guns for COVEN in the Indus world.

The Indus Battle Royale map is called Virlok and it’s designed to look like a futuristic India. Keeping up with the futuristic theme, Indus has a Vantage sniper rifle, an A27 Locust, an SFR-4 high-damage output rifle, and more. It will run on most Android and iOS smartphones without hiccups and have in-app purchases like skins, weapons, etc.