The rise of e-retail platforms in India not only made it easier for customers to make purchases but also provided an entirely new outlet for their opinions and preferences to be heard. With Flipkart being the largest home-grown e-commerce platform, the organization has held a unique vantage point to gauge user feedback and figure out exactly what the masses want. With this knowledge, the company has endeavored to offer its own range of home appliances and entertainment products that combine real-world practicality and affordability.

This is where the MarQ by Flipkart brand comes in with its vast array of products across multiple categories in TV & home appliances. Our primary focus today, however, is on the entertainment side of things where we find a wide range of TVs across 24-inches to 65-inches, from HD Ready to 4K Ultra HD resolutions, and with smart, non-smart and Android options to choose from. We specifically got the opportunity to try out the MarQ by Flipkart 43-inch Full-HD Smart LED TV. Let’s take a look at why this TV is precisely what the average Indian consumer is looking for.

All The Smarts You Need

A ‘smart’ TV is essentially one that consolidates multiple sources of entertainment and conveniently presents it to the user. As such, the MarQ by Flipkart 43-inch Smart LED TV offers you access to two of the most popular video streaming platforms – Netflix and YouTube – with native applications installed out-of-the-box. Furthermore, access to these platforms is a single click away as the bundled remote comes with dedicated hotkeys for them.

Your fun isn’t limited here as you get access to an extensive library of applications and games courtesy of the Netrange App Store. The cherry on top is the ability to cast images and videos to the TV through your Android phone using Anyview Cast over a Wi-Fi connection. With three HDMI ports, two USB ports, Ethernet jack, and AV inputs, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying any type of content on the big screen. There is even a 3.5mm audio jack included alongside the standard digital audio out port.

Picture Quality That Wows

When it comes down to it, a TVs fundamental job is to offer a pleasant viewing experience. MarQ by Flipkart’s 43-inch Smart LED TV does not compromise in this regard with its A+ grade, Zero Bright Dot panel that supports a Full-HD resolution to give you all the precise details of picture on screen. With a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and the ability to reproduce up to 16.7 million colors, this TV embodies stunning picture quality that brings all the content on the screen to life. It is quite rare to find such premium visual quality in other TVs in this price range. And you won’t be enjoying this visual feast alone as the panel’s 178-degree viewing angles will let everyone in the living room get in on the action.

Solid Build With Immersive Audio

Most other manufacturers these days have shifted focus towards making their TVs slimmer. While aesthetically pleasing to look at, most such TVs simply do not offer good physical builds and suffer immensely in audio output quality. Those with even a rudimentary understanding of auditory physics will know how the size of an acoustic chamber plays a significant role in audio output and quality.

With this in mind, the MarQ by Flipkart 43-inch Smart LED TV is very cleverly designed with a sleek & stylish look but still has a relatively thicker chassis. This not only reinforces the TV against physical duress but also gives room for incredible sound quality. The provided 20W box speaker certainly takes advantage of this larger acoustic chamber. Combine this with the Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and you have a recipe for a rich and immersive listening experience. The immersive audio quality is one of the key highlights of this TV which is unmatched in the market today.

Achieving such superior audio quality without compromising on the aesthetics is a true innovation from MarQ by Flipkart. In fact, the TV excels in offering a premium build while maintaining a slim profile with minimal bezels. Regardless of it being placed atop a table with the provided stand or mounted on a wall using the included fittings, the MarQ by Flipkart 43-inch Smart LED TV is sure to accentuate any room it is in.

Designed For India

The unpredictable nature of electrical supply in most regions of India becomes a major concern for consumers with regards to the safety of their electronics and appliances. To minimize this worry, MarQ By Flipkart has taken comprehensive measures to ensure your TV is protected against voltage fluctuations and power outages. What’s more, this TV’s 5 Star Power Saving rating is a testament to Flipkart By MarQ’s intentions of providing Indians with an efficient and optimized product. This notion is further cemented by the fact that MarQ Care customer service support is available in more than 300 cities across the country. Being the private brand of Flipkart, MarQ inherently has a very strong aftersales service offering. You get doorstep services from this brand which is just a phone call away.

There is no doubt that MarQ By Flipkart has strived to bring forth a TV that actually fulfills the needs of the average Indian consumer. If you go for a similar spec product with such high-end features & quality standards, it would easily cost you more than ₹ 40,000 from other brands. To seal the deal, the MarQ by Flipkart 43-inch Smart LED TV is offered at an incredibly low price of ₹ 21,999. The price is just too good to be true.

With its A+ grade panel, fine-tuned Dolby Digital speakers, one-click access to Netflix and YouTube, and access to Netrange App Store’s extensive library, there isn’t anything more one can really ask for.

This story has been created in partnership with Flipkart.

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