Marvel’s Avengers Shuts Down XP Boost Microtransactions Only a Month After Introducing Them

The microtransactions are now gone, thankfully.


Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t had an easy time in the spotlight, despite being a decently fun game with tons of value to offer to Marvel fans, either the comics or the MCU. The game had a pretty rough reception on launch with reviews ranging from mixed to mostly positive, but perhaps its most controversial moment came months after launch.

Only last month, Square Enix announced a new set of microtransactions in the game in the form of Hero Catalysts and Fragment Extractors. 2 essential consumables for progression in the game – while players could still earn those consumables by playing – Marvel’s Avengers offered them at a price in the Marketplace. Naturally, fans weren’t happy and because of the backlash, Square Enix has decided to remove them from the game entirely.

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Marvel’s Avengers won’t have Hero Catalysts and Fragment Extractors anymore

This isn’t, by any means, the first time AAA games have implemented microtransactions in the game and allowing players to essentially buy progression as opposed to playing the game. However, Marvel’s Avengers had slowly been winning back a ton of relapsed players as of late, and even briging new ones to the table post-launch, but the microtransactions certainly set that progress back by a bit.

Essentially, these microtransactions made it so that players won’t have to actually play the game and do the necessary grinding to reap the rewards essential for progression. Marvel’s Avengers has a ton of major plans going ahead, especially with Spider-Man joining the fray in a future DLC, but the character will be a PlayStation exclusive. Meaning, only PS4 and PS5 players will be able to play as the webhead.

While not a unanimously beloved move, PlayStation fans are certainly happy with the development. Square Enix has also confirmed that the items have been removed from the Marketplace.