Marvel’s Avengers is Coming to Xbox Game Pass This Week: Will Include All 9 Playable Heroes and All Year-One Content

Marvel's Avengers can find new life on the Xbox Game Pass.


Marvel’s Avengers is finally heading to Xbox Game Pass, and while the game didn’t exactly have the biggest reception on launch, it has somewhat found its footing and garnered a pretty respectable cult fanbase. Over the course of a few months, Crystal Dynamics was able to introduce plenty of cool Avengers content to the game, including an interesting campaign in War for Wakanda.

Marvel’s Avengers is, indeed, a live service type game, meaning, that players are essentially buying into an ever-evolving title that will get better with more content over time. On the Xbox Game Pass, players will have access to all year-one content introduced in the game after launch, which is exciting news for players who missed out on the game when it first launched.

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Marvel’s Avengers heading to Xbox Game Pass this week

The game will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on September 30, and will contain not just the base Reassemble campaign, but also 3 new operations introduced post-launch and all 9 heroes. Despite its flaws, Marvel’s Avengers is an incredibly fun time, especially for fans of the comics, the MCU, or any other Marvel property. While the game did appear a little rough around the edges at first, much of that has steadily improved and the game can provide a ton of value to Marvel fans and fans of good games, in general.

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have detailed their plans for the year in a State of the Game blog and detailed a roadmap of post-launch content, which will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass. To help players catch up to seasoned veterans in Marvel’s Avengers, the game will be hosting Quadruple XP events from 30 September through 4 October.