Mass Effect Legendary Edition Could be Headed to the Xbox Game Pass

Could be a solid addition to the Game Pass.


Mass Effect has always been a franchise that has garnered much love and praise for the community, and rightfully so. All 3 games in the series have had a ton to offer, especially with regards to masterful storytelling and player agency, and the Legendary Edition is a great way to experience the 3 classics.

If you’ve never played the trilogy, or are looking to perhaps relive old memories – perhaps getting Xbox Game Pass could be your best option. According to an Xbox Store listing spotted by Polish gaming site XGP, it looks like Mass Effect Legendary Edition could be headed to Game Pass, quite possibly because of it being on EA Play soon enough.

It is typical of major EA releases to eventually find their way onto EA Play, so it doesn’t seem that big a stretch that Legendary Edition could finally be on Xbox Game Pass.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition could be a great addition to the Game Pass

Mass Effect

While the news hasn’t been confirmed yet, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a good candidate for the Game Pass as it is still a deeply beloved title within the community. Additionally, it is a great title for the Game Pass to attract long-time fans of the series to the service, and a great way for EA to stoke the flames in hopes of drumming up anticipation and getting new fans on board for the next chapter of the franchise.

EA has confirmed that another Mass Effect is currently in production, which is why them bringing Legendary Edition to the Game Pass makes a lot of sense. The Legendary Edition is easily one of the best bundles currently out right now as it is packed with 3 of the best games of their generation.