Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pre-Orders Start After Possible Release Date Leaks Online

The game could release on March 12, and pre-orders are now live


Mass Effect is a legendary name among video game franchises. The original trilogy was one of the best-received series of all time. So when Mass Effect Legendary Edition was announced, it was no surprise that all of us got super excited.

We didn’t have much info on a release date for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, until now. A new leak seems to have revealed the release date for this game. Listings across multiple retailers shows a release date that is closer than we expected. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could launch on March 12th, and now, the pre-orders for the game have opened up.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Could Launch on March 12th, Pre-orders Begin

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy. It will bring the older game up to speed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with better visuals. The game has no dedicated PS5/Xbox Series X versions, but BioWare has said that the game will run on these consoles with targeted enhancements.

BioWare announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition a few weeks ago. The release window was said to be Spring 2021.

However, multiple retailers recently listed the game, and some listings revealed a release date of March 12. It has now become clear why those listings suddenly appeared. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available for pre-order.

Pre-orders are available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. The game costs $59.99. For now, Amazon and GameStop are saying that the game will release by 31st December 2021. However, this is likely a risk-free placeholder date to note that the game will release in 2021.

As far as the official release date goes, the rumored March 12th date may very well be accurate. However, nothing is official yet, so stay tuned to us for more info on Mass Effect Legendary Edition as it arrives.