Meta Launches New WhatsApp for Mac App With Group Calling Support

The new WhatsApp for Mac native app has been released a few months after the Windows version.

  • Native WhatsApp for Mac app has been under beta testing for the last few months.
  • The app supports group video and audio calls with end-to-end encryption.
  • The app also supports drag and drop for file sharing.

WhatsApp is known for getting regular updates packed with new features as well as performance and security improvements. These updates are usually for Android and iOS users but in recent times, the team has issued updates for desktop users too. It launched a new native Windows app with a faster loading time earlier this year and now, the team has released a native WhatsApp for Mac app.

WhatsApp for Mac Native App Features

Meta announced the release of the new and native WhatsApp for Mac app through an official blog post. The new app has been under beta testing for the last few months. It says the app will bring an improved user experience to Mac users. The app has been redesigned to make it familiar to users and aligns with the rest of the Mac experience.

This is the reason WhatsApp for Mac now supports file drag and drop. It means whenever you need to share any locally stored file with your contacts, you can simply drag and drop from the Mac location to WhatsApp. It is certainly a more intuitive experience for desktop users as compared to clicking the file attachment icon.

The biggest addition to the new WhatsApp for Mac app is group calling support. It supports both group audio and video calling. Meta says users can now have group audio calls with up to 32 people and group video calls with up to eight people. All WhatsApp group calls will be end-to-end encrypted, just like it is on other platforms.

WhatsApp for Mac users can now check their call history, join a call after it has been started, and receive incoming call notifications even when the app is closed. The last one is particularly beneficial as it eliminates the need to keep the app open to avoid missing incoming calls.

How to Download WhatsApp for Mac?

  1. Visit the WhatsApp website ( on your Mac device.
  2. Click the Download option in the top right corner.
  3. The download page will show you WhatsApp apps for different platforms.
  4. Click the one labeled as Mac which should begin the download.

This is how you can download WhatsApp for Mac and start using it like any other native Mac app. Meta says it will soon make the app available through the App Store but has not specified a timeline for that.

WhatsApp recently added HD video and HD photo sharing features on smartphone apps. These features will allow users to share their favourite moments without worrying about WhatsApp compression ruining the media quality. The option to share images and videos in standard quality is still there for times when you have limited mobile data or a slow internet connection.