Xiaomi Launching New Headphones And Mi AirDots: Affordable Bluetooth Headset Similar To Apple AirPods

Xiaomi could soon launch Mi AirDots, truly wireless Bluetooth earphones, among other wired and wireless heaphones in China.


Xiaomi could soon launch new headphones. Specifically, the company could launch Mi AirDots, a pair of truly wireless Bluetooth headphones. Needless to say, the miniature headphones may appear and function quite similar to Apple premium AirPods. However, Xiaomi may launch the earphones at exceptionally attractive prices.

The Chinese smartphone and electronic giant has several interesting products across diverse product categories like Air Purifiers, Electric Scooters, LED Smart TVs, Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones, etc. We at MSP Gear have discovered that Xiaomi will soon launch a few wired and wireless headphones. One of the products is supposedly named Mi AirDots, which would offer same functionality as Apple AirPods.

Xiaomi Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones ‘Mi AirDots’ launching soon?

Xiaomi currently sells wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers. In fact, these audio devices are quite popular not just in China, but across the world. These products are famous for exceptional sound quality, good range, and wide connectivity options including audio Aux, Bluetooth, USB flash storage drive, and even micro-SD cards.

Very little is known about the Xiaomi headphones and Mi AirDots. Xiaomi has not officially acknowledged that it is working on any Apple AirPod clone. Moreover, it is the rumors which insist Xiaomi will christen the truly wireless Bluetooth headphones as Mi AirDots.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset

There are no confirmed or indicative specifications and features. However, Xiaomi does not launch inferior products with outdated technologies. Hence, the rumored Mi AirDots could support Bluetooth 4.2 or Bluetooth 5.0 standards. These standards offer longer range of reliable wireless connectivity, and even allow HD sound to be relayed wirelessly with minimal compression loss.

Incidentally, Xiaomi had added high definition wireless audio support to its smartphones some time back. The Mi AirDots could easily pair with several Xiaomi smartphones to offer an elevated audio experience. The Xiaomi’s wireless headphones could also have sufficiently high battery life.

Xiaomi Not The Only Company Trying To Replicate Apple AirPod Features and Functions

Another Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei, had launched its own version of truly wireless Bluetooth headphones earlier this year.  There was little doubt that Huawei wanted to offer similar features and functionality of Apple’s wireless earphones. Interestingly, buyers appreciated the Huawei’s products primarily because, unlike Apple’s EarPods, these earphones, called the FreeBuds, shipped with super-soft comfortable silicon tips.

It is quite likely Xiaomi could be following Huawei’s successful attempt of offering truly wireless headphones. The Mi AirDots and the other new headphones will first debut in China. Given the enthusiasm displayed by Xiaomi in this year, the company may just release its Mi AirDots in other international markets, including India. We at MSP Gear will surely update our readers about any news about the Xiaomi Mi AirDots.