Mi Band 3: Here’s How the Xiaomi’s Latest Fitness Smartband Compares With the Honor Band 4

Both the Mi Band 3 and the Honor Band 4 are fitness trackers rich in features but what exactly is different between the two? Here is a detailed comparison between the two smartbands


The Mi Band 3 and Honor Band 4 are both impressive fitness trackers and the surprising thing is that both of these gadgets are quite affordable at the same time. However, tech enthusiasts would want to know which one is better right? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we will be looking at the important aspects of the Mi Band 3 and the Honor Band 4 that buyers are currently looking out for. After that, we will provide our conclusion as to which one provides the best features in what price range.

Mi Band 3 vs Honor Band 4: Display

The Mi Band 3 sports a 0.78-inch OLED screen with a 128 x 80 resolution. However, the Honor Band 4 has a much larger 0.95-inch OLED panel with a 2.5D glass. If the screen of the Honor Band 4 is larger than the display belonging to the Mi Band 3, then it also means that the former will feature a higher resolution. What this means is that while the icons and everything else will look more detailed on the Honor Band 4, it will come at the cost of battery life. Luckily for you, we will be getting to the battery life metrics right after this.

Mi Band 3 vs Honor Band 4: Battery Life

One of the biggest reasons for purchasing a portable fitness tracker like these two is obviously that impressive battery life. Both wearables feature a multiple-day battery life, but the question is, which gadget takes the cake? The Mi Band 3 has a 110mAh battery that has been rated to last up to 20 days. Unfortunately, the Honor Band 4’s battery endurance is less in comparison and that is thanks to the smaller 100mAh unit that is present inside. The fitness tracker has only been rated to last up to 14 days. At the end of the day, if you want a wearable that will last for a significantly longer period, make sure that you purchase the Mi Band 3.

Mi Band 3 vs Honor Band 4: Key Features

The Mi Band 3 is touch-capable and also sports a touch key in order to commence seamless navigation. In addition, this fitness tracker can show your Facebook notifications, simple text messages, weather information, WhatsApp messages, and caller ID. Luckily, when paired with a smartphone running iOS or Android, the Honor Band 4 will also be able to show you the same notifications.

That being said, there are very little differences separating the two here. However, the Honor Band 4 features NFC while the Mi Band 3 only gets this chip in a specialised variant. While using the Band 4, you can use it to make payments easily. Also, the Honor Band 4 features the most accurate heart tracking sensor when getting compared with the Mi Band 3.

Mi Band 3 vs Honor Band 4: Waterproof, Other Specifications

Both the Mi Band 3 and the Honor Band 4 are waterproof up to 50 metres, which means that you can easily take both fitness trackers and go for a swim without worrying about damaging the gadgets. Both of them also come with several fitness modes, with which you will be able to count steps, monitor sleep, and carry out several exercises. As a convenient feature, you can track all your data on the accompanying app.

Mi Band 3 vs Honor Band 4: Price in India

The Mi Band 3 is available in India for the price in India of Rs. 1,999 but the Honor Band 4 is yet to launch in the country. However, if the Band 4 does start getting sold here, it should carry an expected price of Rs. 2499.

Mi Band 3 vs Honor Band 4: Conclusion

In terms of features and pricing, the Mi Band 3 is not only cheaper than the Honor Band 4, but it is also able to deliver better battery life for the wearer. Sure, its heart monitoring accuracy might not be the best and it might not come with NFC for the regular variant, but that is not a deal breaker by any means. In short, if you’re crazy about fitness, you should get the Mi Band 3 when you can.