Mi Mix 3 Goes on First Sale Today in China; Xiaomi Explains Its Slider Mechanism in Detail

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will go on its first ever sale in China today. The premium, high-end, flagship Android smartphone has a slide-out mechanism that Xiaomi explained.


Xiaomi recently unveiled its latest flagship smartphone in the Mi Mix Series. The Mi Mix 3 is an advanced cutting-edge Android smartphone that sports a redesigned slide-out mechanism. The smartphone will go on its first sale in China today.

Just a couple of days back Xiaomi finally revealed the third iteration of its flagship smartphone series in Beijing, China. The Mi Mix 3 continues the march towards true bezel-less design largely initiated and popularized by the series. Moreover, the smartphone takes one step ahead by incorporating a slide-out mechanism. While many may have mistaken the system to be similar to the pop-out mechanism found in the Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex, Xiaomi took the pains to explain how the company carefully designed the mechanism. It mentioned how the system will have to bear the rigors of modern-day smartphone use and still maintain the polish, finish and reliable consistency even after prolonged use.

Xiaomi Explains The Magnetic Slide-Out Mechanism On The Mi Mix 3

Xiaomi insists that the slider mechanism is nowhere similar to the designs that were quite prominent before smartphones became common. The Chinese smartphone and electronics giant stressed it completely redesigned the slide-out mechanism. The slider now sports a 50 percent reduced footprint, and yet, can easily meet the needs of today’s full-screen mobile phones. Xiaomi addressed several challenges including large gaps, short shelf life and poor sliding feel.

Mi Mix 3
[Image Credit: Xiaomi via GizmoChina]
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 design is slim and that posed a tough challenge. However, Xiaomi continuously tweaked the production process with its dedicated supply partners. As a result, the company managed to maintain the ‘flatness’ of the lower case and the upper case of the mobile phone within strictest of parameters. The slide-out mechanism on the Mi Mix 3 adopts an innovative large + small double slide structure. In other words, there are a set of miniature but sturdy slides arranged in the middle of the upper motherboard area of the mobile phone.

Surprisingly, the slide-out mechanism does not impact performance of the antenna. There are micro-slits that not only look good but serve to lend rigidity and sturdiness to the design of the Mi Mix 3. Essentially, by deploying a double slider mechanism, Xiaomi has significantly improved the uniformity of sliding motion, and ensured there is no sway or warping.

Interestingly, the slide-out mechanism is not just a mechanical marvel, but also augments the software side on the Mi Mix 3. The mechanism can trigger different functions. Users can easily activate the dual selfie camera setup, answer phone calls, and launch any other app.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 First Sale, Price, Availability

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is a premium, high-end flagship Android smartphone from Xiaomi. The Mi Mix 3 starts at CNY 3,299 (Rs. 34,800 approx.) for the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage base variant and goes all the way up to CNY 4,999 (Rs. 52,000 approx.) for the Palace Museum Edition sporting 10GB RAM and 512GB storage capacity.

Xiaomi usually restricts the sale of the Mi Mix Series smartphones. Hence the Mi Mix 3 may or may not officially arrive in India soon. However, the company considers India an important part of its global sales and expansion strategy. Hence we expect Xiaomi just might launch the Mi Mix 3 in India early next year. Incidentally, even the Mi Mix 2 and 2S are yet to launch in India.