Xiaomi India Teases Mi Notebook Refresh With Backlit Keyboard Hours After Realme Book Slim Announcement

The Mi Notebook refresh is expected to feature 11th gen Intel processors and finally feature keyboard backlight after missing it last time.

Mi Notebook refresh 2021
Credit: Raghu Reddy/Twitter.

The Mi Notebook refresh is believed to be just around the corner, with most reports tipping that a new generation Mi Notebook with 11th gen Intel processors should be announced soon. Now, a tweet by Raghy Reddy, chief business officer of Xiaomi India, has offered us a first look at the new laptop, and also confirmed one key new feature that was somewhat awkwardly missing from the first Mi Notebook lineup introduced in India. The feature, which anyone to have caught a glimpse of the previous Mi Notebook, would have guessed to be a backlit keyboard.

Reddy’s tweet confirms the presence of a backlit keyboard, an increasingly common feature that is now found on most mainstream laptops and even a few budget ones. As a result, it was a show of clear cost management when Xiaomi offered a decent set of specifications with the previous generation Mi Notebook in terms of key specifications, but skipped an integrated webcam and a backlit keyboard. At the moment, it isn’t clear if Xiaomi is set to include webcams with all variants of the Mi Notebook refresh as well, even though the backlit keyboard is sure to be present.

The Xiaomi affirmation comes on the back of its cross industry rival, Realme, announced the upcoming launch of the Realme Book Slim on August 18. The latter is slated to launch within one week, and is said to come with a 2K 14-inch display. It is also expected to feature an Intel Core i5 11th gen processor, along with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD for storage. It is also said to come with a backlit keyboard, and from the side profile looks close to Apple’s MacBooks — especially due to the two USB-C ports to the left edge of the laptop. The Mi Notebook refresh is expected to bring the lineup up to speed in terms of performance, and this may see it match Realme’s offerings toe to toe as well.

The Mi Notebook refresh is slated to make the laptops stand as more than just education and work sector devices. Leaks have suggested that there could be a Mi Notebook 14 Pro, which may feature a 2K display with 120Hz refresh rate and a price of around Rs 60,000 in India. There may also be a Mi Notebook Ultra, which may feature a 15-inch 3.5K display, up to Intel Core i7 11th gen processor, 512GB SSD and the Nvidia RTX 3050Ti GPU, with an obviously higher price tag. Given that a confirmation sneak peek has already come, we don’t expect the new Mi Notebooks to be too far into the distant future.

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